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Re: Disillusionment through unemployment

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:56 pm
by dijmart
I play the (unconscious) "What if" game ... not necessarily out of regret or anger but more like "It would have been interesting if I had ..." Know what I mean ?
Sure, I know what you mean! Sometimes though thoughts will arise, so you can learn from prior decisions, to get clarity on what you do want moving forward. So, in those cases, it's not really an unconscious movement, so much as a flowing with life...that require decisions to be made constantly.
Sorry to hear about your MS dragging on like that ! I briefly refreshed my knowledge of MS. That sounds scary !
Most people don't really know what MS is or what it does or the symptoms (the ones that can't be seen at least). I use to be scared. I would now say, it's just a pain in the ass.

Vedanta is the science of "Self" inquiry. Meaning it has a methodology to lead a qualified student to Moksha (liberation) with the teachings of a qualified Vedanta teacher. Its not for everyone and you do have to learn some Sanskrit terms to follow the logic when being taught. I wouldn't have been ready for it a few years ago, so if it's not someones cup of tea, that's fine. Some can't understand it when they try, because they're not qualified, so it sounds like a bunch of nonsense. In those cases, Vedanta says to do karma yoga to become qualified.