Back from the Eckhart Tolle spiritual retreat 2017 in Norway

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Re: Back from the Eckhart Tolle spiritual retreat 2017 in No

Postby Testigo » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:54 am

Testigo wrote:Dear Onceler:
I am very grateful for your quick and profound answer to my post.
I have read it several times, every sentence very carefully, and something in this message touched me deeply. It is without doubt the feeling of the echo of the words of other authors, masters or spiritual advisers that I have read and perhaps disregarded in the past.
I have been considering the essence of what you say and my conclusion is that all of it makes sense: I am here fulfilling a particular role, and as such, first of all, I have to comply to what was assigned to me and be conscious of it, but without using my cognitive mind.
Is that it? Have I got correctly the essence of the message?
Thanks again, Onceler.

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