Detachment feels peaceful ... and dead

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Detachment feels peaceful ... and dead

Post by jukai » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:02 am

Ten years ago, I visited my aunt, who had a dog, Sunny, that loved to run around and play. I noticed a kind of mat between the living room and the rest of the house. My aunt had placed this mat there to keep Sunny confined to within the living room and away from the bedrooms. I asked my aunt how that mat worked, and she explained that, any time Sunny stepped on the mat during an attempt to run out of the living room, he would be electrocuted, which would teach him that she didn't want him out of the living room. It worked. Sunny, while he would have loved to have free reign over the entire house, stayed in the living room.

Whenever I attached myself to any person, job, or other kind of expectation, I got electrocuted. But, just as stupidly as Sunny, I kept repeating my mistakes over and over and over again, and it took more than a decade of being electrocuted, till I finally learned not to get attached.

This detachment feels very peaceful ... and entirely dead. I would love to feel attached to something/someone again, but I know that I will get electrocuted, so I don't, in just the same way that Sunny has made peace with the fact that his territory will always be confined to the living room although he would love nothing more than to explore every corner of the house and shed his fur while he's at it.

A flat line on the graph, without any deviations above or below the X axis, is not an indicator of aliveness. It is an indicator of death. If you've ever seen a vital signs monitor in a hospital, you know what I mean.

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Re: Detachment feels peaceful ... and dead

Post by eputkonen » Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:00 pm

I am sorry that is your experience. My experience of non-attachment has been different. I am not attached because attachment is a delusion...and I know it is futile to try to hold on and will only cause myself suffering. However, the juice of life is still there.

It is like playing a can play sincerely (trying to win and enjoying the game) without taking it seriously (being attached to winning and needing to win). Whether you win or lose, the game can still be entertaining and fun. If you are attached to winning, then the game is not so fun if you happen to be losing.

~ Eric Putkonen
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