Words from Stillness

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Words from Stillness

Post by ThatAwareness » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:39 am


I'd like to share some thoughts from conversations with the mind and consciousness. Feel free to read or not to read or list a question.

Who am I and why am I typing this?
That self cannot be named, and it isn't typing. Typing seems to just be happening.

Why is typing happening?
To share pathways to the real.

What is ego and what is enlightenment?
Ego is identifying with the mind and body. Enlightenment is the state of which that is gone.

Are you enlightened?
Who is it that can be enlightened, certainly not something with no name, no form.

Why does it matter that people be free of the ego?
It doesn't matter, for reality is already exquisitely perfect as it is. But it is also the most important realization, for it ends all separation and all suffering.

Why does this body still do things?
Why not? Why don't seeds just sit in dirt? Why don't ants find food? This is how life acts.

Why not just sit in silence all day every day with no desire?
The world is far too fun and interesting to not enjoy and play in.

Why does the ego exist?
It is useful until it becomes too heavy to bear.

Why not tell everyone I meet that I am enlightened?
It's not important for them to know.

Why do we exist?
We don't exist. We believe falsely that we are something or someone, and that someone needs a purpose.

How does one be free from the ego?
Be still and observe your attachments and resistances. Who is it that holds on? Be critical and find the truth to what you are.

What is truth?
The reality that cannot be denied.

Does enlightenment make you better than anyone else?
No, it's the opposite. You disappear, so you can no longer compete with who people think they are anyone.

What's the best thing about having no more ego?
Utter peace. All things are perfect and nothing more is needed.

What happens when we die?
It doesn't matter. It only matters to those who think they have a life.

Why not commit suicide?
Living feels so good, it is literally heaven. Why deny such a wonderful experience?

Why is it some people live in suffering?
Suffering is a life lived through the ego. Attachments create loss, resistances create war, identity creates something to protect that doesn't exist.

Why not type and ask these questions all the time?
It doesn't seem to be needed that much, for there are plenty of pointers out there.

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