A Meditation and Realization Journal

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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A Meditation and Realization Journal

Post by LoveRei » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:36 am

A Meditation and Realization Journal
Based on Eckharts teachings and other learnings.

Sitting outside in my humble lawn lounger, in my humble tiny yard in summer. After a long overwhelming day, having to take one step at a time, my "life situation" looking socially and financially unsolvable from this point, a familiar stillness was waiting for me in this yard.

I had recently been encouraged by a friend to read the power of Now. After knowing of many of Eckharts teachings for over 3 years already, i had never actually read The Power of Now, until now.
The book (or audiobook which i highly recommend) feels like "a little instructional manual for propper meditation".
I was finally ready for it, the message finally clicked.
Because life became unbearable and my mind a total royal mess. The ideal fuel and reason to find an alternative way of being.

So back to my lawn chair.
Today i reached a point, and decided. I no longer want to think about life..

My ego: What? So your whole situation, your responsibility of being a mother, your finances, what you do here on the planet is going to just go poof? You want to end up in poverty?? Etc. Etc..

No. I simply no longer want to "think" about life..
And i felt the imperfect truth of my statement.

I opened my eyes and to my surprise, there sat the neightbors cat (normally very afraid of anything that moves, and uncommon to see him like this), staring at me intently. Still. I was still too.
I place down the phone in my hand gently and assume my hands in comfortable meditative position, simply gazing back at the cat.

His presence alert, intense, aware.
I wonder if i can feel his presence or essence.
I become drowsy at that point.
Slightly disappointed i could not open up to full presence in that moment.
I close my eyes. I shouldn't judge the moment, just rest my eyes.
I open them when comfortable.
The cat is gone.

The sun gets hot. I usually message my friends with funny realizations and synchronicities that happen, but i only have one or two friends who understand the power of now teachings. I decided not to spam that friend any more today, and wondered maybe theres an Eckhart Tolle forum somewhere i can just journal these experiences on.
Would that help my practice? I dont know.
Would it help anyone else? Perhaps.

I have no social media, and yet like most people i often feel the compulsion to share things with people.
I've observed trying to hold back an urge to share an experience with someone, it feels weird and i don't yet understand it. Ideally sharing things with people should come from the state of presence.
Could a journal like this perhaps be written from such a state?
I dont know.
Probably not.
Lets observe anyway.


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Re: A Meditation and Realization Journal

Post by Webwanderer » Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:52 am

I think your approach to self exploration will produce great dividends. Like many people, I've found that writing from a perspective of deepest understanding, is an excellent way to align with our own higher nature. We can feel our way to greater clarity if we can make the distinction between feeling and emotion. Both have value of course, but there are differences.

The way I see it is feeling is a natural way to alignment, and is an exploration in its own right. Emotion however, is more the result of a kind of energetic investment in one's judgment or assumptions.

Welcome to the forum.


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Re: A Meditation and Realization Journal

Post by kiki » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:30 pm

Welcome to the forum, LoveRei.

Getting in touch with stillness will open the door to insight, then eventually you become your own best teacher. Or more accurately, stillness leads you to greater depths of clarity that penetrate and realign thinking and how life is experienced. As that depth is gained you will abide in/as that more and more and you will begin to understand more clearly what others have been saying about presence and recognize the truth of their teachings within yourself. This resonance then becomes a beacon for others as well. The old saying applies here: The true guru lies within. So, share away and discover the true guru along the way.

Once more, welcome to the forum.

Edited to add: I would encourage you to also get the audio version of Stillness Speaks - check it out of the library if finances are an issue. It's my personal favorite. Simply listen without straining to understand the concepts. Let the pauses between 'sutras' draw you deeper and deeper into silence and stillness. Becoming familiar with the depths of Being is more important than any concepts, so marinate in the truth of what you are and allow life to flow of its own accord.
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Re: A Meditation and Realization Journal

Post by Thumper » Tue Apr 07, 2020 12:35 am

Hi LoveRei,
Your post struck a chord with me, I don't do social media, few people that I can really share my innermost thoughts on my spiritual journey without appearing like a tosser and not wanting to.
Anyway as I was reading your post, two things struck, the word humble and cat. As the room I'm am currently staying in comes with a cat. Humility is such an attractive quality. Please keep sharing.

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