Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Post by dancer » Sun Jun 24, 2007 5:25 am

I've always been drawn to simple living, to the idea of simplifying my life to the point of getting rid of all complications and everything that is superfluous and unnecessary.

I never imagined I would arrive at this point.

At the point where I am actually throwing out the mind along with everything else.

But it's not exactly the mind itself I'm throwing out but just all the thoughts that tend to clutter and complicate my life.

This is so simple that it's quite revolutionary.

Thoughts and beliefs that have been spoon fed to me all my life are seen as complicating factors in my life now.

I've totally let go of all religious belief. But I actually did that years ago, so that's not really a biggy.

But there was one thought that persisted for a really long time.

It was the thought that there was a problem in my life, that my life wasn't good enough the way it was.

And my way of trying to resolve this was to go on a spiritual search, to look for truth.

But I now realize that that was just another thought, another belief. I believed that there was something to find that would make my life better. Something I called "the truth of my being", what Eckhart called the essence of who we really are, what is commonly called in spiritual circles, awareness, consciousness, spirit etc...

But that is such a ridiculous notion.

Because you can't really find something that you already are.

Something that was never lost.

It was just the mind, creating more complications.

If you want true simplicity, I invite you to simply stay present right here and right now with me.

And whatever thoughts arise.

Just see them for what they are.

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beautiful ,dancer

Post by proudlybeing » Sun Jun 24, 2007 10:37 am

Thats a wonderfull post, dancer, oh so true,
Wow this place (the forum) is such a service station for the soul,
the no-mind. Thanks for the top up !!!! :D

Your words speak only of truth to me, in harmony with my being.

keeping it simple, P.B.
My heart (and being) felt thanks to the force(es) than bring me to share this site and journey with you all.

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Post by kiki » Sun Jun 24, 2007 2:00 pm

Hi dancer - nice post; it's one that echoes so closely my own experience.

Simplicity - it's what you are, and everything else is a step away from that, some form of complexity forming, like a wave on the ocean forming and cresting only to dissolve again into the ocean. People ride their surf boards on the waves and continually catch the next wave after wave. Get off the board and jump in - the water's fine.

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Post by Webwanderer » Mon Jun 25, 2007 1:32 pm

Agreed dancer, yours is a testimony of recognition that anyone who has experienced genuine clarity of presence will resonate with. Thanks for sharing that beautiful post. :D

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Re: Simpleliving

Post by Ives » Thu Jun 28, 2007 5:38 pm

dancer wrote: It was the thought that there was a problem in my life, that my life wasn't good enough the way it was.
Yes, the idea that my life isn't good enough the way it is.
Isn't that a scourge?

‘Simplifying’ is indeed a very good way of overcoming it.
I find my life becoming almost minimal.
Simpler and richer.

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Post by yougarksooo » Thu Jul 05, 2007 12:57 am

It was the thought that there was a problem in my life, that my life wasn't good enough the way it was.
I relate to this so much. I can't even think of one problem in my life. If something appears as a problem, once I glance at it, it is seen as insignificant. Some action is necessary sometimes, but not because there is a problem but just because sometimes action needs to be taken. Something is moving me. I get the sense of that much more than the sense that I am doing anything.

And I used to believe that my life, too, wasn't good enough. I could never articulate what I thought it was that I needed. It just seemed that what was happening was not it.

Just all there is...and all I need.
"When people ask me who they are or who God is, I smile inside and whisper to the light: there you go again . . . pretending."


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Post by weopposedeception » Sat Jul 07, 2007 5:26 am

Beautiful post, dancer. Thank you so much.

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Post by heidi » Sat Jul 07, 2007 4:39 pm

Because you can't really find something that you already are.
Hey, maybe you ought to paste this quote in that purpose of life topic.
wonderment on the third wave

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