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Fear Nothing

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 7:45 am
by Katiebug
I just learned something wonderful through a site on here that someone put up from a while back:

Gangaji, who I never knew of before tonight, is very easy to relate to. I believe it was the listening part on pondering (?) or how and why (?) that just gave me a wonderful tool as an introduction to enlightenment. Its about fear. There is this fear in me that I avoid all the time. A fear of everything, down to my dreams of deep dark water, to fear of being alone, to fear of having my boyfriend falling out of love with me, to a fear of dying.... theres so much that I can be afraid of. ET tells the story of how he became this different person, how he learned to "resist nothing." I like to say "fear nothing" or "I fear nothing." Same thing pretty much. Gangaji speaks to this woman on how she wants to seek something, but that she really shouldnt seek anything. She should just accept the moment how it is whether it is blissful or terrible. The tool is to accept the fear than it turns into joy. I can feel that. I let myself fear all that I fear and in so, I dont really fear it. Its true that I have been fearing fear itself. The power to not fear anything is in me by SIMPLY not fearing fear. Why would I be afraid of dying, crying, losing....its future projected. When you are in the moment....fear ceases to exist and is joy. I felt like I was going crazy for a few minutes....just opening the flood gates of all my fear....I thought, maybe if I go eat something, go paint something, or drive around, I can escape this! I felt nervous and anxious to escape the moment, but then I was released by breathing it in....all the anxiety cannot cage me. Eliminating fear is the first step to living/being. When I am without fear, its as though Im a different person. I am not bound by anything. I can fly. :wink:

Thanks for the site on Gangaji whoever put it up!

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2005 2:21 pm
by bluejay
I read the book this summer.I just picked it up this week and started going thru it again.I was also interested in her talk on fear. I realized I live with a lot of fear. As she says fear is not the problem its the mental activitly that gets generated in order to avoid really experiencing fear. How do you avoid fear.

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:27 am
by kiki
Gangaji is really great, isn't she? ET and Gangaji complement eachother very well.

"When you are in the moment....fear ceases to exist and is joy."

When you are in the moment there is no mental activity. Hence, there is no ego - without ego, there can be no fear. It's really very simple.

If you feel something, feel it fully - allow it to be there. But this doesn't necessitate the ego dredging up a story about it. Fear makes its entrance when stories are told, and stories are egoic inventions only.

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 3:13 am
by Egoicmidget
I would add to allow the witnessing presence to be aware of the fear not to judge just to be aware and see what happens.
Fear sometimes indicates your concern about what might happen, if so this is future egoic based thinking, gently remind yourself of your presence in the now, and as Tolle has said make friends with the now.



Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:29 pm
by L. Bryson

False evidence appearing real! :shock:


Re: Fear Nothing

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 5:20 pm
by phil
Katiebug wrote:ET tells the story of how he became this different person, how he learned to "resist nothing."
I wonder if we might enquire further in to what "accept now" or "resist nothing" means, for Tolle, or in our own life.

I don't have "the answer" of course. I am just observing, as best I can, that it seems there is a group consensus, and I wonder if there are other ways of looking at it we might also consider.

Perhaps I am too literal, but I take "resist nothing" to mean, don't resist the fear I am feeling.

But I then read Tolle and these threads (that I may not fully understand) and it seems the whole focus is on how to get rid of fear, or whatever it is we are trying to change in to something else.

I have fear, and I reject that experience, so my choices could be:

1. turn on TV
2. take drugs
3. go shopping
4. focus on now
5. surf the Net

and so on...

Is it possible that we (me included) are using now as just one more tool for rejecting the experience of being a human being?

I don't see a simple answer, as of course we don't want to surrender our lives to fear or other negativities. And focusing on now seems a healthier method of rejection than many others. So none of us will find simply tossing now out the window an adequate answer.

I'll try an example. The average citizen in western culture is one of the RICHEST! people to ever walk the earth. Incredible standard of living! But typically middle class people don't feel RICH!, because our media is always showing us someone who is richer, thus you and I feel just average in comparison. Even more likely, we feel somewhat deprived, and thus are always earning and shopping trying to catch up.

Is it possible that our spiritual teachers can take on that same role as media celebrities do? That is, we compare ourselves to them, and thus feel less in that comparison.

I say to myself, "Tolle has no fear, what's wrong with me?? I reject being me, a normal person with some fear, ego etc, and must find a solution to this problem!"

Don't know. There are always nine sides to any coin, and perhaps these thoughts reflect upon one of them.

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 7:35 pm
by JedEye
"Is it possible that we (me included) are using now as just one more tool for rejecting the experience of being a human being? " this is great question and it should be in new topic
Maybe Eckhart feels fear, resistance and other emotions and just don`t make mind stories out of it :wink:

I fear all things too, especially life, expression, no control, doing anything (because I might fail), not doing anything (because I might fail) OR maybe these are just some thought forms.

WOA! I just started reading Gangaji and in the middle of pain body I feel awareness behind her words. Thank you. I love it. Got a new teachings to run away from myself. :mrgreen:

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:12 pm
by L. Bryson
Mindful thread everyone,

I too am examining where my fear comes from and the choice's I make at time's to mask the " now." I am lacking for nothing in my presant now.
Have time and financial solvency to take a yr. off to " be. " Checking out my fear factors alot. Realizing just how addicted I have been to my adreniline. My "drugs of choice " have been adreniline, occasional " smoke'em peace pipe ", long aimless drive's and voracious readings of enlightening materials.

There is no reality based " reason " for fear to be showing up.
Not gonna run out of money anytime soon. Set things up well.
Living peacefully, no big interrelational challenges in my circle of friendships or with present love interest. Fabulous support system with all.
Think I am just not used to " staying still. " Alway's " thought " I thrived on my mach 1, hair on fire life..... not anymore.

Whew...... what a revelation... just "being!" Never thought it could be such an excercise! Choosing rest over " restlessness." WOW!


Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 8:14 am
by summer
Hi Phil,
just curious why you say this?
But I then read Tolle and these threads (that I may not fully understand) and it seems the whole focus is on how to get rid of fear, or whatever it is we are trying to change in to something else.
From my limited space on the globe, overcoming fear would seem like ani impossible feat to even attempt to accomplish. And how you hear that Ekhart is saying that we all should do this, seems a little strange to this simple hiuman :)

Just curious where you hear that overcoming fear is the focus?

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 2:00 pm
by phil
Hi there Summer,
summer wrote:Just curious where you hear that overcoming fear is the focus?
As seen from here, fear is just an example of one of many things we are trying to change in to something else.
phil wrote:or whatever it is we are trying to change in to something else.
Sorry, I perhaps wasn't as clear as I could have been. I didn't mean that getting rid of fear specifically is the focus of Tolle's teachings.

I was trying to observe that although the teachings are to "accept what is" it seems the focus of our interest in the teachings is to change what is in to something else.

Why are we here? Why did we buy Tolle's books?

In Tolle's writings this is most easily seen in his spiritual rags to riches story, which feeds our perspective of, "I am rags now, but if I do this and that, I will be riches later."

I'm trying to observe that when I enter a situation with needs, goals and expectations I don't really see "what is", I see my needs, goals and expectations.

For me, this is clearest when I go in to nature on sunny days looking for beauty and serenity. And I find beauty and serenity. I don't see nature accurately as it is, in it's totality, I see the part of nature I'm looking for.

Like you, I want to enter and observe now, as it is. My desire to change my now in to something else appears to be one of the obstacles. Trying to face that and observe it.

Thanks for the question, hope this is a clearer explanation.

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 9:21 pm
by Katiebug
As a worry wart, I know that when theres nothing left to fear, I will find something to worry about to not focus on reality. Maybe because I then ask, "what is reality"? When I ask myself the big questions, then a great overwhelming fear comes over me sometimes. In avoidance I would rather fear the little things than the questions like "who made God?" and "whats the point of life?" The nervous feeling when I relax my mind is me worrying about not worrying anymore. I could be thinking too deep into this, but when I clear my mind of things that dont matter anyway, I start with these deeper thoughts. I suppose being could be a feeling of peace in not knowing.

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:03 am
by L. Bryson
Hi Katiebug,

Yes, I agree...a good friend of mine and I ( both of us underwent major life transistions at the same time ) always say how much " easier " it was when we were in the duh. No one ever said it was gonna be easy...LOL.

I am grateful for all my awakenings would'nt change a thing but...
ignorance can be bliss :D The more you know the more your tested!

It's all good :) L.

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 6:06 am
by weopposedeception
A lot of times my fear is that I will lose something I have, that I'm clinging to for dear life because I think I need it, or that I won't get something I want, something I think I must have in order to be happy. Fear either stands for "F***k everything and run", or "Forgetting everything's allright". Acceptance is the cure.

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 10:44 pm
by heidi
I am quite fearless in my own life, but there comes a time when intuition brings about thoughts/feelings that I can't ignore.

Lately I have been having some great worries for my daughter who is a captain in the army and is in Iraq near Bagdhad. If I don't hear from her for over a week I start to worry. The last time I spoke with her she fessed up, and told me that my intuition had been correct both times I had spoken up about my worry. The first time she was holed up in a bunker because they were being bombed. The next time she was in a helicopter in Baghdad and 2 from her battalion were indeed killed, so they shut down all communications until families were notified.

For the past few days I have been having wafts of worry and my mind makes up little scenerios, and I correct my presence, shore up my trust, knowing that these ideas do no service to my peace - knowing that the universe is all fulfilling and that power is huge. But, I cannot shake the worry. In this case, I have to honor it - the worry as an emotion, not the mind-made scenerios - while still trusting that all is as it should be.

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 11:39 pm
by phil
Blessings on you and your daughter Heidi. Blessings.