The fearful lion

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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The fearful lion

Post by astaroth » Sat Nov 03, 2007 5:36 pm

Hi all!

Again I'd like to add an analogy. It came back in my mind after reading this http://eckhart-tolle-forum.inner-growth ... f=4&t=3394
wonderful post of Larryfroot today.
It is similar to one from Dschalaluddin Rumi I read some time ago.

I think, most people are attracted by spirituality because they know that there's something inside them. A terrifying beast which scares them and bites them every time they come close to it. The desire to become free of this beast is what brought them here.

Let's say, this beast is a lion sleeping more or less often inside a wood, a wood of mental concepts which we believe to be what we are. We are so afraid not to wake it up. Bus as soon as this happens we fight against it. We are not only afraid of it, we don't want it to be there, because it's bloodthirsty appearance doesn't fit into what we would call "a beautiful, peaceful wood". People do a lot of self-thinking and maybe money-spending to kill that god damn lion. But it doesn't die. It is always stronger than you are. That is what makes it so scary. In fact, the fighting seems to make him only even stronger.

Clearing the wood of mental concepts about the "evil nature" of the lion maybe shows you on thing: The lion is only agressive because you are. This lion is part of you. If you treat him with cruelity it will answer just that way. Why? Because you are fighting against yourself, the one which wants to get rid of the lion and the lion are one and the same.
You will find that what you desire so much - peace, compassion - is, of course, what this lion wants, as well. Remember, the lion is you. And that lion is not agressive in it's true nature. It's only because you are. It is same scared as you (it's fear is your fear) and only wants all these beautiful gifts you withhold him and hope to find after having killed it.

You will find that this lion only wants to be your friend. It is very scared and has never seen real compassion. Again, you are this lion! So go to it when it appears and see it for what it is. A wound inside you, something "ugly" and desperate. Give it what you desire from life and you give it to yourself. So you can make peace with it. It can show you things you have never seen before because you was only observing the wood fearfully for the lion not come out of it.

Can you imagine that picture? You, fearfully looking into the wood. What happens when you find out, that of which you was scared of has become your friend?
Why not cut down some of the trees, make a warm fire of them and sit there with your new friend, now looking more like a kitten? :mrgreen:

When you come to the lion fearfully and with the wish to kill it, you can be sure that it is not you who is coming towards the lion. It is the ego. That ego made the lion be seen as something which should not be there. That attitude of the ego forced the lion to become cruel and bloodthirsty. When you want to fight it, you are fighting against yourself. Fighting, this is the nature of the ego.
When you come in peace and with the wish of giving warmth and acceptance, it is your true nature finally taking care of the lion. Because acceptance is the only thing consciousness can "do". You are that consciousness.

It may be also helpful first to come out of the wood and view the trees so you can see more clearly what the lion is. Find out for yourself.

Best wishes for your lions,
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Re: The fearful lion

Post by blueviceroy » Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:21 pm

Nice analogy astaroth . It's becoming love which sets us free, being love not just feeling love, it's all we want,and we spend our life railing against loving ourselves untill we realize the very thing you so elegantly spelled out.
In hindsite it seems so simple .

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Re: The fearful lion

Post by Larryfroot » Mon Nov 05, 2007 1:29 pm


I am deeply impressed and very, very happy for you!

The mind is like a mirror, it reflects back whatever we bring to it. There is an awful contradiction that takes place whenever we are negative towards the lion-mind. For so long all the qualities I wished to eradicate in my mind i brought to my mind. I resented resentment, was frustrated about frustration, hated hatred, resisted my resistence. To do this is to perpetuate the internal war we have (or had!) with our minds. The ego just fed itself more of itself to itself and got more of itself.

So all I got when I fought my mind were the weapons I used being turned back against me, again and again.

And this is where forgiveness also comes in. I had to forgive myself, my mind and also forgive the past that affected my mind so badly. And forgiveness is a major portal into presence. How? Because forgiveness is a releasing of the past, and more specifically a releasing of our mental habit of extracting a sense of self (often a victim self) from the past. When this habit is stopped through making friends with the lion then a major chunk of our false mind made self is released, and this is the quintessence of forgiving the past.

And we can forgive the future as well, in the context of reaching towards it for salvation and betterment. We can forgive the future for not being here now with everything we think we need. Again this is a major portal into presence. We letgo of a major chunk of our mind made sense of self.

And by making friends with the lion, we enter presence. There is no more internal war to obscure the beauty and the tenderness of presence. We forgive our minds, and we forgive ourselves.
Many a mickle muches a markle.

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