Presence enhances Memorizing?

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Presence enhances Memorizing?

Post by tikey » Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:53 pm

Hey guys and girls.

I have some observation, which I wanted to share with you and know your opinion.

I will begin like that: I used drugs(THC) for some time in high school and at first year of university. Generally it was a long time, but during that time
I had some periods (like 6 months) of non taking drugs. And propably you heard somewhere that one of the consequences of log-using THC is the lack
of memory. So as I compare my memories with my girlfriend from high school it is clear to me that she memorized much more than me and it seems
to me that all the story of our relationship, which is well known for her- she remembers exactly what have I said sometimes or just "how it was" - is just
vanished for me. It can be the cause of the drugs. But somehow I realised another thing: After my first experiences of being PRESENT I realised that
when I think about this precise moments of being present as a past experience I remember them much better and much more detailed than the times when I was NOT PRESENT.
To put it other way: the more conscious I am the better I remember the "moments", because "Im There".

PS.And just another observation : during my high-school times I've been always possesed by mind and the NOW hardly existed for me. Maybe that's why
I don't remeber anything so good, because my mind was more interesting than the reality, so I kept focusing on my mind rather than on real life and so
that's why I don't remember so much?(I made this conclusion to somehow comfort myself that "drugs didn't do it to me")

So what do You think?
Does that have any sense to You?

Im just a cloudless sky :)

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