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Another Now Experience

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:23 pm
by tikey

I feel almost stupid about writing that, but for me every moment of Now is something New and Significant, almost as it was something saint.
So I hope you enjoy my short story.

Today in the evening I've downloaded eckharts record of "even the sun will die" when he gives an interview at the day of 11 september 2001.
And so he speaks about collective insanity which led to that incident. And then he started talking about what the "now" is.
It was so simple that I could'nt have heard of nothing simpler and yet I've seen what he was talking about and started to laugh like
I discovered some hidden dimension(and it's all the time in front of us!).
And yet I parked near the restaurant where my old girlfriend works and we sit together in the car. I was totally present.
We decided that she will be driving (a girl is driving-anyone expects some tragic consequences?). And so she drove madly
on the street just in front of the car which was going really fast and then he lit his light on us (he turned several times the stronger ones) as
he was telling "attention idiot". And normally I would go mental and say " what are you ***** doing" or something like that. But I somehow
enjoyed all that crazy party and was not stressed at all. And then at red lights we stopped together - the annoyed car and we.
So we looked at eachother and I was smilling, there was a big smile on my face and my finger was pointing on my girlfriend next to me And suddenly I saw that next to the that driver seats his own girlfriend and both are laughing at us.
That's how it was. Normally I would propably feel incredible anxiety and fear and my look would be mad and fearfull and emotion between us
and people in that car wouldn't be relieved and somehow in my presence no negativity could survive. That's the whole story, I hope you liked it.
It is the next evidence that presence is the greatest power in the universe.

Re: Another Now Experience

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:27 am
by blueviceroy
Tikey that energy is love brother

It is all we are made of

Re: Another Now Experience

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:05 pm
by tikey
and that's propably that what was missing in my life all the time... that's why i was so excited as it appeared....and that's why I feel so depressed and
"keep seeking" while it vanishes from my sight.....

if we are made of it... why, It is that that I don't feel it......... why.... I often feel VERY separate....

Re: Another Now Experience

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:53 pm
by heidi
if we are made of it... why, It is that that I don't feel it......... why.... I often feel VERY separate....
That separation is mind made. You mind seems to be standing in the way of what Is. Think of it this way. What were you before you were born? Energy (aka Love)
What are you now? Manifested energy (love manifested)
What will you be when you are no longer a living body - when you're dead? (same as you are now, same as you were before you were born, Love).

Quiet your mind, and you'll know it.

Re: Another Now Experience

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:50 pm
by tikey
thanks heidi - that was exactly what I was thinking while writing my comment. Sometimes I feel like I know EVERY answear from the perspective of mind
(I've been thinking about it whole my life then why shouldn't I :) but again and again there appears to me this strange realisation that although
I know theese answears (As my mom says "you are so wise") they are not worth even a broken dime until I just forget about them and just as You said
heidi - remove this blocking thoughts out of my way. They are everywhere, all the time messing around! I noticed that right now when I was with
my "potential" girfriend that they TRULY cut my off from BEING... damn ... and again I have this knowledge and I'm afraid that there will be NEXT time
when I realise that. And I want to STOP realising that. I'd rather like, while being in relationship to realise"oh, finally there are NO thought's,
which cut's me off from being" And once I had that. It was yesterday when I wrote this post that shines up on the top - I was in that state of "no thought"
And again - it is added to my knowledge that "this state exist" and a mechanism of "pursuing that state" starts up and truly destroys possibility
that this state will appear... it's so paradoxical... the more I think about it the further I am from it... but I'm now a lot more conscious and seriously
take to the consideration that I will cope with those problems by myself... (and again I WILL which of course assumes the future....)

wish you best,