What is weeping

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What is weeping

Post by thenow » Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:34 am

The host of Travel Channel "Bizarre food" Andrew Zimmer was in a ritual in a tribe in South Africa. He was just looking around and joined in the circle when the dance and drumming got more intense. People rolled around and dance around in trance. He was amazed by what he was seeing. All of a sudden, the Shaman placed hands in his lower chest just for a minute. He got very emotional and started to weep. He is usually a cheerful and funny guy. To see him weep is a bit of good TV.

Weeping still happens to me often during meditation and yoga. I know it's because there are times during the day when ego, instead of true self, is operaing. Thoughts or sensation without thoughts can both cause the weeping. For example, I would be bending over on the mat doing yoga when I start weeping for no reason, just because of the post triggering a deep sensation in me. So I would weep for a while. During meditation, I also weep for no reason when I feel the sensation in the solar plexus area.

Whenever during the day, if I have oppressed my feelings or I have let something unfair happened to me or to others, I know that this will show up in my meditation. This type of weeping usually comes on very rapidly, so intense that you feel you are shaking yourself from inside, as if a motor engine inside just get started in a continuous pushing motion.

It can also be intepreted that there is still something hidden that's blocking the pure self. Something is in the way to the pure self. When we are facing the pure self, everything is clear and pure and there is non of the emotions or sensation

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Re: What is weeping

Post by Onceler » Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:43 pm

Happens to me too. Not full blown weeping, but short bursts of feeling that is as if I am about to cry. Many times I want to continue but end up yawning instead, like it is a release of emotions.
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Re: What is weeping

Post by thenow » Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:00 am

Today during yoga, I noticed that the sensation to weep came over me either when I became totally relaxed, to the extent where I didn't know I can be that relaxed, or when I turn to letting go of the tension in my body when in a difficutl posture and become forgiving and loving to my body and myself.

The beautiful feeling brings me to tears

Then I would feel as if an engine starts in my body and I start to weep, shaking and pushing from inside.

Tears come pouring out.

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Re: What is weeping

Post by thenow » Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:32 pm

Weeping 030210

Last night during meditation before bed, I did each chakra and also golden light from the crown. Then first, there is a resistance in the way for me to be in touch of my bottom. While trying to reach down, I started to weep. The more I tremble, the more I cry. It totally started as a physical sensation and then snow ball. The physical sensation felt like sadness, but I was not even thinking about anything.

I had to weep and weep and there was so much sensation (that felt like sadness) coming up. I didn’t think I could stop it. When I said “let me” “allow me”, even more sensation came up, and the more violently I cried.

Weeping is common to me during meditation. But this time, it is much stronger and long lasting. Something kept coming from inside.

“Is there anything hidden that makes me this way?” “Am I craving for something?”

During the day yesterday, it was a all day 8-5 training away from work, talking about something that I feel really easy. Is this a wrong fit and forcefulness on myself, that’s why I had to release the stress?

One thing that meditation does to me is that I can no longer hide things. If during the day, I let any type of discomforts built up on me, I can feel it in my body and I know it will come out during my meditation that night.

I had a coffee in the morning and a tea in the afternoon. Is it making me sharper? But I have had days like this too.
This morning I woke up really early, but refresh. It is one of these days when I get up really early to meditate, feeling totally centered, alert.

There would be a tune already playing in me and I would not need to turn on music. It is from within.

Another weeping 030310

Last night before bed, I did the chakra, and then imagining golden oil from the crown. It didn’t go as quick as yesterday. But right away, I still had the weeping impulses. Then it just felt disconnected again.

I sat for a while, trying different things: am I pretending anything? Am I resisting anything? Am I doing anything? Let me. Allow this….
Still didn’t feel connected.
Finally, I asked myself so why don’t you just get into it. What are you waiting for….
I started to feel this sensation in the belly, the solar plexus.
It is clearly a soreness kind of sensation. It just felt like I wanted to cry. My facial muscle started to get tense. I tensed up my facial muscle and burst into tears. I beg myself to please just do this. Just let out…..I was like "I am begging you. Please….."
I felt the crying can’t stop. I went up to bed, then the crying get worse. I talked into my recorder. I was sobbing all the way through. So intense. So emotional. It was just surreal.

It dawn on me that maybe it’s because I am away from my usual routine and I am more free spirited. I don’t have a usual role to play. I am more like a no body. So the emotion is more free to flow.

I am just shocked that I can have such a powerful impact on myself, by not doing anything. It is really magical.

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