PON deems NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) irrelevant?

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PON deems NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) irrelevant?

Postby peleke4 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:35 pm

Anyone have experience with NLP? I totally immersed myself in this field for some time. Just like how I'm a spirituality junkie, I used to be an NLP junkie just prior. NLP techniques worked initially, but whatever it was I wanted to overcome always surfaced again and again. I was going around and around in circles. Eventually, PON entered my life.

At first, I just couldn't believe what PON was about because it pretty much contradicts NLP. NLP, in a nutshell, deals with manipulating/changing the thoughts/images in your head in order to overcome phobias, be more confident, let go of regrets, etc (there's A LOT one can do with NLP). On the other hand, PON teaches simply to see thought for what it truly is.

In NLP, there's something called "Timeline Therapy." I also immersed myself in this. With my experiences with PON, which totally changed my world, I just see how irrelevant NLP and especially Timeline Therapy is. I trip out how I used to go around and around in circles with this stuff.

In my experience, PON deems NLP irrelevant.
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Re: PON deems NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) irrelevant?

Postby Plorel » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:11 am

Hey peleke

My sister has a trainer- and master-education in NLP and we allready had some heated discussions about that. She says that for most people the step from a normal life with all its suffering to being the presence that you are is impossible to take. Therefore you can use NLP to take little steps to be relieved from suffering.
For my part I share your point of view. In NLP there seems to be an "I", which wants to fix itself by improving its story. Its not about seeing through the story of I and my life. As seeing through the story takes only the present moment and a certain readiness all those techniques seem irrelevant.
However as many people don't want to drop the story of what they think they are, NLP can certainly help them to live a better life within the story. It doesn't take away the root of the suffering but can still help to live a more pain-free life
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Re: PON deems NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) irrelevant?

Postby peleke4 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:29 pm

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Re: PON deems NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) irrelevant?

Postby Sighclone » Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:06 am

Psychotherapy, including NLP (which I studied a little, and used some, and like) is about becoming. Nonduality is about being.

That said, awakening casts the conditioned components of the personality in bold relief. They surface as potential stresses. You can feel them arise...even old familiar ones that may be dysfunctional but are so familiar they have some magnetism. Therapists familiar with unconditioned awareness (and NLP or TA, or Gestalt or EMDR, or Jungian or Ericksonian, or whatever modality) can use their own Presence to provide a deeper experience in talk therapy sessions. There are three interesting books on this, although they do not completely address cognitive Behavioral Mod techniques: (1) "Toward a Psychology of Awakening," by John Welwood (2) "The Sacred Mirror "and "Listening from the Heart of Silence," edited by John Prendergast.

Adyashanti and Loch Kelly both acknowledge the significant unresolved conditioned patterns of behavior become saturated and transmuted over time during and after self-realization. The concept that a "self-realized being" is instantaneously perfected of all conditioned behavior and thinking patterns is now much more generally recognized as false. Difficulty conceptualizing enlightenment is a good thing.

my two cents...

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Re: PON deems NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) irrelevant?

Postby loganhill365 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:45 am

Peleke my friend I just want to say that NLP is a social science which deals with our mind, language and behavior and As you are saying that NLP has not affected you anyway but the PON...NLP really effects on your thinking process..but the main aim is that we want to change our thinking in to positive either by NLP or PON. This is what I thing because everything is controlled through mind..you think that PON can help you and not NLP so it worked because you were already had a thinking that PON can help you in making change in you. I f you want to know more about NLP then You need to visit this website http://www.nlppowertraining.com.au/nlp/
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