Are there needs and wants after awakening

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Are there needs and wants after awakening

Post by thenow » Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:59 am

The story of the Buddhist Lama who sobs when his friend dies, and the student is dismayed -- "Why are you crying? You teach me of non attachment to the suffering, and yet here you are, wallowing in tears! Why do you cry?" And the teacher replied "Because I can."

I really like this part about Buddhist Lama sobbing. Yes, as long as we have this body, we are going to have needs. We will get hungry, sleepy. When we are tired, we will be less patient. We definitely are still subject to our bodily needs.

Sobbing means there are still things about this friend's passing this Buddhist Lama need to process or release. These are old feeling and emotions that have accumulated over time. The more we process and release, the less it has effect on us. After awakening,

Like you said, after awakening, we just need to deal with these needs, wants, emotions, sensation with a clear consciousness and compassion.

The difference is this time around, when we get our needs met, we also are more conscious about our action and intent, not to cause even more complex emotions or struggle within ourselves. For example, we will not take advantage of others to get our needs met, becausee doing that we be against of who we really are and will only lead to even more conflicts within ourselves, which we know better to do.

So yes, there are still needs and wants after awakening, but with more and more process and release, they get less and simplier over time, because of conscious choices and decisions we make while we process and release them.

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