Becoming lucid in a dream

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Becoming lucid in a dream

Post by thenow » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:58 am

032410 This is a lucid dreaming last night

I was walking on the street and was passing by a few people boarding a bus. A guy and a woman was about to step on the bus when the woman’s high heel was stuck in the hole in a cover of a man hole. So the guy pulled the woman’s arm trying to get her out, while I pulled her other arm. The helping out seemed to get the energy in my body flowing.

Then the bus drove off a little further down, but someone else was still trying to catch the bus, so now the bus is in my way of where I was heading. So I was standing there waiting the bus to leave.

After the bus drove off, a totally different view appeared. A long road was now in front of me, stretching as far as I can see, full of white sand on it. So now I stood on the top of the slope, looking down this road. All of a sudden, a surge of energy developed in my body and I knew I want to fly.

So I ran very quickly down the road and then took off like a soaring superwoman. I was so excited and felt so strong with the surge of energy in me, knowing fully that I had just become lucid in the dream. Now I was in control. Two women walking on the road looked back at me soaring. I noticed their eyes glaring like cats at night. I soared over them and enjoyed the freedom and power.

I kept thinking where to go and at the same time scanned the landscape. I flew over a valley with a big empty river bad and mountain around it. I remember to look at my hand. It’s solid. It means that this is a lucid dream, not an OBE.

I wanted to go to my grandma’s farm. Right away, my grandma’s farm appeared in front of me. I didn’t see anyone in there. I flew around the house, the front yard, back yard, and neighborhood. It was after rain and everything looked so fresh, and sharp in colors. I miss this place.

As I was leaving the farm, I kept thinking where else I wanted to go. I kept flying and then started to feel sluggish and knew that I was waking up.

I woke up for about an hour and then went back to sleep again. This time, I was in a building with a group of people. Some people there were expecting me and also knew what I was lacking and was accommodating me and providing me with things I need. Then I went into this big library where everyone was free to express whatever creativity and emotions they have and everyone is expressing their inner world in the walkway of the library. Something happened here, but I don’t remember.

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