living as embodied reality: An essay in two parts

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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living as embodied reality: An essay in two parts

Post by runstrails » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:22 pm

Living as embodied reality: Using mind to focus outward

The biggest shift for me has been the gradually deepening realization that there is no “I” and, therefore, there are no ‘others’ either. As I said earlier, if there is no “I” and “you” then what remains is simply reality living itself in many forms. So we realize that we are really ‘embodied reality’ (I came across this term in the Upanishads and I love it!)

Living as embodied reality is so easy and so fulfilling. You realize there is no ‘doer’, and so you let reality live you. You have a first row seat at observing how reality works—allowing you to marvel at the most mundane of things in everyday life. Check out how reality runs that Friday 4:00PM work meeting :wink:

Importantly for me, because you recognize ‘others’ as embodied reality too, then you begin to see them with love and compassion since, of course, reality can only ever love itself :D . So everything in everyday life is observed as the workings of reality. This is a great way to live for the logically minded, since every observation is a deepening understanding of and admiration for reality at work. This is a life that is compatible with with living in the modern society and workplace.

You could just end here. I think living as embodied reality is a good life. Nothing can be taken personally or seriously. This is important, because just recognizing that you are embodied reality brings a certain calmness to the spirit. As reality, you are not touched or ruffled by anything, you simply observe and admire. If life suddenly seems burdensome then of course, you’ve re-identified with “I” and you can let go of that easily and go back to being and observing reality. Note that mind plays an important part in this life. It allows you to dis-identify with “I” and to observe, admire and learn from the workings of reality. Here mind is used as a useful tool.
Edited to add: By mind, I really mean intellect here. That is, not the chattering mind, but the precise tool.

Living as embodied reality: Focusing inward by transcending mind

But there is additional layer, I’ve found. Embodied reality of course wants to get a taste of the ultimate reality. Wow! What an opportunity to truly explore and know your truest nature.. So here embodied reality turns inward. Here is where meditation, presence, stillness, felt oneness with being (whatever you call it)…. allow you to be in touch with and explore the deepest realms of true reality that can be accessed by humans. Even the slightest, momentary inward contact with reality can bring about deep bliss and joy. Here mind has little or no role and needs to be taken out of the picture entirely, by stilling it. There are many portals that allow you to go inward or become still or be in the now including nature, music, poetry and many more.

So use every available opportunity during the day to focus inward and allow yourself the opportunity to be in touch with the true nature of reality. What works best for me is getting in touch with that pure transcendent stillness that underlies everything. My intuition is that there is no end in this process of embodied reality getting in touch with its ultimate nature. That you can keep accessing ever deeper aspects of reality. This is the true purpose in life.

For me, as a busy working mother, everyday living as embodied reality is a combination of focusing inward as well as admiring the outward workings of reality. Note, there is not a cut and dry distinction between the two aspects of embodied living described above--they can be perfectly seamless. Either way, I’m in touch with reality all the time :D
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Re: living as embodied reality: An essay in two parts

Post by HermitLoon » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:56 pm


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Re: living as embodied reality: An essay in two parts

Post by Sighclone » Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:36 am

My word, rt...I thought you were a man all this funny :) And in a way it validates your thesis, which I agree with 100% and have to say it adds the right words to a concept I was framing a similar essay on -- now I don't have to do it! Our form is trivial, except to us. The point about there being "no others" is so true, and once realized, it makes us rather magnetic in conversastion, haven't you found? When you know something very penetrating about "another" (that the 'other's' self-defining difference from you is artificial or at the very most, incidental) there is something in them which is, of course, drawn to you (in form).

Lovely and clear and, in its phrasing, new!!

Thank you...your children are lucky...

A person is not a thing or a process, but an opening through which the universe manifests. - Martin Heidegger
There is not past, no future; everything flows in an eternal present. - James Joyce

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Re: living as embodied reality: An essay in two parts

Post by RCharles » Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:17 am

Runstrails, thank you for a beautiful short essay on the essence of being. You captured the experience of being present with a playful, joyful sense that you are observing life unfold and savoring whatever happens without a sense of I or other. Blissful freedom! The conscious mind is amazed at how every-thing interconnects so perfectly and dances the cosmic dance as One, without effort, being what it is, while the consciousNESS just enjoys.

Andy, your observation about conversation really strikes home. I find I have a great deal of love for others, which would seem to be a precursor or maybe a different form of experiencing oneness or no separation. Now when I talk to people, it's often as though I disappear and the love and appreciation for them is what remains. This produces wonderful conversations in which people feel much more open and free to be totally themselves. One new acquaintance said, "I don't usually tell people such things about myself!" He was very self-revelatory because he sensed only a loving, welcoming presence, not an ego.

(As an interesting aside, open expressions of love startle people, so now I am learning to be in the experience without disclosing it to others verbally. That seems to be the best balance, as everyone responds positively to love that is present, but they get uncomfortable when attention is brought to it. Similarly, if runstrails were to disclose her appreciation of life unfolding in the middle of a meeting, people would think she was unhinged, so we experience and appreciate, but we can only share the experience with those who know what it is. Hence, the incredible value of this forum where we can say such things and know it is understood!)

Many thanks, runstrails!
"They are all...perfect..." --Ken Watanabe, dying scene in the movie The Last Samurai

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Re: living as embodied reality: An essay in two parts

Post by Natalie » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:01 am

Thank you runstrails for sharing this wonderful essay with us. I enjoyed it immensely.

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Re: living as embodied reality: An essay in two parts

Post by dubhasa » Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:34 pm

Simply beautiful runstrails. :D

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