Video of Sogyal Rinpoche on Meditation

Online videos are an integral part of our online experience, and finally they have their own section on the board.
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Video of Sogyal Rinpoche on Meditation

Post by Sighclone » Tue Jun 10, 2008 11:33 pm

Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism is referenced by Eckhart (ANE p. 16)...this video reveals the delightful personality of Sogyal Rinpoche and also his comments on the purppose of meditation. Sogyal's primary text is "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" - also a fine read. ... arkup.html

Namaste, Andy
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Re: Video of Sogyal Rinpoche on Meditation

Post by HermitLoon » Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:28 am

Thanks Andy - a great experience - great resonance :)

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