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Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's view on Conciousness

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:56 am
by Natalie
From minutes 27:50 to 34 into this video, Edgar Mitchell answers questions about the nature of Consciousness and whether it can survive death. He also gives his opinion on what he views as the two current schools of thoughts regarding Consciousness; one claiming that matter is just a thought in the universal mind (he calls this approach an extreme in idealism), and the other dealing with the possibility of consciousness being an accident caused by the random collision of matter.

He also talks about perception, quantum mechanics, intuition, entangled particles and many other interesting things.

The video is mostly about his belief in UFO’s and things of that nature, but minutes 27 to 34 are definitely up our alley.

I sense that when he speaks about the nature of consciousness he is not doing it from direct experience. I feel he lacks the skills and warmth of Tolle or Adya.

A couple of very annoying ads will pop-up when trying to skip the first 26 minutes. I am glad I was patient. ... ature=fvwp