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A New Earth Eckhart-Oprah Classes

Posted: Fri May 27, 2011 4:43 pm
by Donna
I find it interesting that many comments I read on the internet regarding Eckhart Tolle's success is based on the connection with Oprah, yet I discovered A New Earth without even watching Oprah's show (I don't watch much TV).

However, I was curious as to what Oprah had done with Eckhart's book and discovered she produced free classes a couple of years ago that are still available today. Eckhart and Oprah discuss for 90 minutes at a time each chapter of A New Earth for 10 weeks. I find these discussions extremely helpful since not only does the book get clarified by Eckhart himself, but Oprah has people skyping, emailing, etc their questions for Eckhart to address.

Knowing that Oprah just did her finale show, I wondered how long these classes will be available online? I hope for many years to come. Here is the link: ... n-Oprahcom