How to accept?

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How to accept?

Post by EckerTolle » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:25 pm

Hi folks and EckerTolle fans,

I'm just wondering about the art of accepting. How do you truly accept something? Like the present moment.

Is there some kind of an Energy that comes out of you and latches on to the situation?

I wish it could be just solved on the level of Self affirmations. Like to just say, I accept this and I accept that. Or I fully and thoroughly accept this and that.

Show me your tips and tricks in Accepting.

Be glad to hear from you.

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Re: How to accept?

Post by kiki » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:20 pm

Is there some kind of an Energy that comes out of you and latches on to the situation?
No. However, there is a kind of energy that comes out of you and resists what is happening. That's the energy of the egoic entity. Without the appearance of that resistance acceptance just happens spontaneously.

Do you see this? What you are in actuality, the witnessing consciousness/awareness/being, automatically and spontaneously accepts whatever is unfolding. It's the mind made entity of the ego that sometimes accepts what's happening and sometimes resists what's happening based on its conditioning, and that's why it suffers. So I sometimes tell people to watch closely and learn to identity how and when the ego enters the picture and inserts its preferences into it. When you can see the ego "in action" as it is arising there is the option of kind of "stepping back" from it, thereby short circuiting its resistance. In other words, you are no longer fooled into following its dictates. That "seeing" is from the perspective of the witnessing consciousness. As you rest in/as that consciousness acceptance is fully present.
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Re: How to accept?

Post by eputkonen » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:52 pm

EckerTolle wrote:I'm just wondering about the art of accepting. How do you truly accept something? Like the present moment.
By deeply realizing you can not escape it...that there really is no way to deny it. That resistance truly is futile.

What Denying it will not change it.

We resist and deny because we think we will get something out of it...that something will change. If anything does change, it was not caused by our resistance and denial.

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Re: How to accept?

Post by DavidB » Wed May 23, 2012 3:39 pm

Accept by dropping attachment to desired outcomes.

Expectations carry with them the desire for a specific outcome, when that desired outcome does not arise for whatever reason, we can become resistive to what has manifested in it's place.

By not being attached to what we desire, we may relinquish the needing for the world to conform to our wishes, and then effortlessly allow acceptance to arise on it's own.
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Re: How to accept?

Post by FrequencyHolder999 » Wed May 30, 2012 11:53 am

EckerTolle wrote: Is there some kind of an Energy that comes out of you and latches on to the situation?
yes, an energy comes out of me and latches onto the situation when I notice a strong inner resistance toward the situation. (In cases when I only feel mild inner resistance to the situation, then I simply accept the isness of it without feeling an energy coming out of me.)

for example, I had a conflict with another family member regarding a decision, I think doing x is right, the other person thinks doing y is right. I notice a very strong resistance to 'y'. Then an energy came out of me, a conditioned desire of wanting my old me to die, and believing that such 'death before I die' will bring balance back. I asked myself, will decision y be harmful to mankind in anyway, the answer is no. So I say: ok, let's do y.

The new habit of doing things the other family member's way, has energy built inside. a kind of mind energy, based on accumulation of 'pleasant surprises' after using this habit.

Tolle said at the begining of PON, his life before his night of awakening feels like someone else's life, the old Tolle died. Each life situation in the NOW that we have a very strong resistance to, is the opportunity to bring death to the old me, the sooner the old me die, the better. I have been developing an 'energized jumpping onto such situation'. Don't try to think through the situation, doing things the other person's way and sit back and watch the outcome. Let the reality's feedback to help bring the death of old me.

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Re: How to accept?

Post by bertie » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:52 pm

I find that at retreats at plum village i spend the first haf of the time resisting everything ,then i begin to observe the resistance and then i can really feel happy and very peaceful as i just naturally begin to accept whatever happens and the general discomforts that being on retreat entails i.e snoring room mates,rain.I dont have to try too hard ,in fact trying too hard makes it impossible to accept.Also my expectations get in the way,expect nothing.

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