Has your happiness improved since discovering Tolle?

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Re: Has your happiness improved since discovering Tolle?

Post by Ehlcee » Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:10 am

Yes there is more peace and more happiness. Just remember to stop thinking. Thinking is the source of problems. No thought is the space where answers reside.

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Re: Has your happiness improved since discovering Tolle?

Post by Blenderhead » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:13 pm

I'm also much happier. Without this practice, I could not survive :)

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Re: Has your happiness improved since discovering Tolle?

Post by DavidB » Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:35 am

Some thinking is actually quite constructive and does provide answers and solutions to practical problems and issues.

The problem with thinking arises when thinking becomes repetitive, unnecessary and compulsive.
“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves.” ― Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Re: Has your happiness improved since discovering Tolle?

Post by IngerRoyer » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:23 am

When i say happiness of parents, i mean protecting them from things which can harm them, not separating with them, not taking your frustration on them.

When i say happiness of yourself i mean opposite to what i wrote above.


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Re: Has your happiness improved since discovering Tolle?

Post by ihavemorethanenough » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:22 pm

Improved? I don't know what that means but it may have moved this way or that way within the space available to it, for example laughing and shouting (not at the same time).
But another look at your question shows me this variation of it, or another that's linked to it: - Has my life-situation changed since discovering Tolle? - It seems to me that your original question depends on this, or rather that there are big signs of restlessness in you that are closely linked to you wanting your life situation to improve immediately with visible results, like you may want right now your pain to go away, do something, get money, be 'present' (lose (attachment to) the thoughts), or combinations of these things etc. This, together with time which has been stored on your mind (since discovering Tolle to now) serves to fuel the feelings of restlessness and helplessness, it is keeping them alive and you in a corner.
My life situation hasn't changed that much since discovering Tolle, and I think about these things too. I read the line of Marcus Aurelius "No more roundabout discussion of what makes a good man. Be one!" and this brings up many thoughts. No end to them. I want to read so many books, I'm towards the end of Becker's 'The Denial of Death', and I want to read Kierkegaard sometime and many other writers. But reading and waiting will take time, and so if I read these books in order to find the way to do no more waiting and cut through the layers of time, I would be doing the very thing that I'm trying not to do. How do you get there without the time? You won't get there without the time, you can only get here without the time, and so when you're here time will always be used (or it will use you, or you it) for something, try to use it for something good.

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Re: Has your happiness improved since discovering Tolle?

Post by jimmyrich » Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:29 am

Hughesa: your story sounds exaclty like my story was when I got so bad that I had to go for help in 12 step support groups and personal therapy.
In the beginning, my issues and distrubed feelings got WORSE, but, since I was determined to get better or die, I persisted and hung in through the bad times to finally begin healing my screwed up feelings/thoughts and understanding my self. IMO, it worked and I opened to a much better, healthier me in psychological work.
hughesa wrote:I have had short periods where things feel so peaceful and great but it never lasts.

I've had that situation many times and never understood what happened to me during the "peaceful" part or where it/I went during the "miserable" part. Now, thanks to ET, I understand what happened to me and why I could not stay in my Real Self or Peacefulness. When I was "peaceful" it seemed so natural and easy that I believed I'd be like that from now on but I never noticed how I fell or was seduced to go back to my old, unhappy way of thinking and feeling - in other words, I did not notice how I unwittingly returned to my customary but very sick mind stream and got lost once again in my MIND!

RE: I feel like for the past year or so I am constantly trying to focus on the NOW, but it is just impossible.
>> My mistake was that I did not realize until very recently that focusing on and staying in the Now has to lead me to feeling/discovering/encountering and BECOMING my Real Self beyond the little egoic me who is resting in this "NOW". I never knew that I had to separate from my habitual thought stream, in the Now/Present and see it as a distant object while I (the Real Me) watch it as a Witness or Observer.

re: I am 24, nearly 25, my life is a joke. I feel worse than ever. I am starting to feel old. Starting to feel useless, that I am wasting space on this earth. My mind and emotions are just too active. They have become more active than ever - ironically - since reading Tolle.
>>> I'd say they have become more active as a reaction to you challenging them and trying to change them so (weird as it may sound) are fighting for their life! This is much better explained by psychologist and therapy professionals who often see this kind of resistance and defense in the clients who come to them with mental/emotional issues and problems steming from a bad childhood.

re: I feel like I am trying to live the Enlightened life,
>> Exactly what is the "enlightened life"?

re: I have all kinds of mental/pyschological disorders that seem to be getting worse and worse.
>> Have you considered seeing a psychologist, therapist or attending some kind of support group meeting for your particular conditions?

>> I recommend some form of pschyco-therapy.

re: What about you? Has your life really got better and better or worse and worse? Be honest.
>>> I was introduced to Advaitic teachings in my late teens but finally had to go for therapy in my late 40s to deal with early childhood trauma and damages. Then after a few years of healing and getting a little stronger, I went into spirituality and Advaita which ultimately led me to Tolle. At the beginning of my therapy period, I go worse but since I've been with Tolle, things have been pretty good and then I recently had a breakthrough in which I (temporarily) became my Real Self.

re: It is very easy to be in denial, as I have been for a while. Be honest.
>> In therapy, I learned all about Denial - how it works, how to spot it and how to OVERCOME it. I have not seen a lot of teaching or training about Denial in Spiritual work!

re: Tolle has not quitened my mind, it has completely fucked up my mind. My mind does not know which direction to go in. I am stuck in no mans land.
>>> In my current opinion, quieting the mind is completely off the mark because the mind is not the problem. My incorrect identity was the problem - not the mind! My mind can do anything it wants, go anywhere, construct weird stories and fantasies, etc, but, so long as I observe it like a little wind up toy and remain as my SELF apart from my mind's antics, it can not suck me in and make me believe I am something other than who and what I really am - MY SELF. But a very different "self" than the little personal egoic one who goes along with the mind's games and adventures - wonderful or horrible. I was introduced to the concept of Who/what am I? many years ago but never realized I had to find and become my Real Self instead of some down or exalted egoic person - the Body/Mind. Tolle has helped me observe my mind, separate myself from it's activities by becoming the Witness or Observer of my mind, as though it is a funny little toy whirling around in space, but I am not the mind nor am I in it UNLESS I forget who I really am and become seduced to once again enter the messy mind stream.
IMO, "no man's land" is the perfect place to let your self become the witness of your fucked up mind in action and see if you can become aware of your SELF as a Witnessing Presence or OBSERVER that is outside of this fucked up mind and just watching it from the comfort of your REAL STATE or SELF. I just let my mind run amuck and calmly watch it from over here where I am - OUTSIDE of my busy mind happily knowing that I am ME and not a mind, body, emotions, fears, ambitions, hopes, depression, etc. which all belong to my mind and egoic personality - BUT NOT TO ME! :)

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