What is your vibration frequency of presence?

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What is your vibration frequency of presence?

Postby FrequencyHolder999 » Wed May 30, 2012 6:06 am

Tolle suggested in PON that you shift from thinking (lost in thought) to presence every 1-2 minute. That means several hundreds of 'clear presence realization' per day.

Several hundreds of times a day, this practice shows me that 'I was not present'. It stops several wrong actions a day. It creates dozens of intuitions a day. It boosts body immune system several hundreds of time a day. We will accumulate new life experince in a steadfast fashion.

For those spiritual seekers who have already mastered the 'presence' practice, I feel that we can approach this vibration frequency , and this frequency will be the way of continuous spiritual growth.

This high vibration frequency 'presence practice' may be difficult, if a person is unwilling to put 'serving mankind' as her primary life purpose. It will be difficult if she is unable to accept, respect, and love the people around her unconditionally, especially in her family and in her workplace. But if she can make these two shifts, then the high vibration frequency 'presence practice' will really start to shine.
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