Relating Music to our Feelings

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Relating Music to our Feelings

Post by ashley72 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:55 am

Music comes to us in the form of waves.... and somehow music can resonate with our innermost feelings.

I found this fascinating video which reveals the three basic harmonies which relate to our feelings.

Just like the three primary colours Red, Yellow & Blue make up all the colours.

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Re: Relating Music to our Feelings

Post by HandfullaMinerals » Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:28 pm

Very interesting.

He mentions that the harmony has just 3 emotions, and the chords/backing music has thousands of emotions.

So really that's why a certain chord combination, with a harmony produces a unique feeling. And they lead to the enjoyment of the music.

On a side note I used to just like heavy metal a lot, mainly tending towards harsher sounding music. It wasn't so much the music that made me feel a certain way, it was also (the pain body I guess?) that wanted to feel a certain way. It was at a time in my late teens I felt very isolated and felt like life was getting more and more difficult. Then after that I got bored of it and eventually expanded to several genres of music.

That brings me to another point, it doesn't matte where in the world you go and what music you listen to, someone could be listening to a piece of classical music or something and another may be listening to some heavy metal or something, and the emotional movement would be the exact same due to various people and their various conditioning.
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