what makes spirituality spiritual?

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Re: what makes spirituality spiritual?

Post by SandyJoy » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:08 pm

Yes Ride, I know, I think it sounds like ' 3 in 1 Oil" -- I like that. You know Oil is a symbol of anointing.

Anointing is being oiled in the Holy Spirit. :lol:

As for Osho, I don't know him, but his remarks that you posted here have no appeal to me. And that is my point. The final analysis is or happens within Me, I am the one who decides if what I read or hear or do is right or wrong, suits me or not, makes me feel at peace or leaves me untouched by it.

And we also know that there is nothing that is actually 'external' it only appears that way---I can read or hear or experience things external, but discerning the truth or lie of it, the honesty or falseness of it, that part is always happening In Here As Me and as My Self. I am the one I actually learn from ---no matter how you look it, I am the one who teaches Me-- it is Me who does the learning, and the living of what I learn. No one else has this Authority. Everything I do or see or hear is happening Here as I--- I am the Only One who can discern if it 'rings true' for me, or not.

What appears to be "external" is, of course, happening Here and Now within this Awareness I Am, and there is only One Awareness.

I listen to my Heart and to My Higher Intelligence which always show me the right way. The Authority is Here as Me, My Self, This One that is Aware and is Living this Divine Discipline we call Life. But Life is More than this, and we are here learning by way of It's teachings-- If I were to let 'another' dictate what to think and believe in my life, I would be a slave to a lie.

What is that Inner Thing that tells us "That's it"? What is that Sweet Peace and deep Relief, the feeling of letting go and being back to "abiding"? What is that? What does that? It is Something Here Within Us, It is Us, It is Who We are and Knowing We Are alright and LIfe Is Good because "I know what I have found hearing It say "This is the Way, walk Ye in It"--- I listen to My Self, I am Here as The Holy Comforter for My Self. That is why I say there are Three going on Here---It is a Holy Trinity--- I and My Father are One but My Father is Greater than I.

God and The Child of God both My hand Here in the World. It is perfect Love.

I have the Divine Blueprint Here as I---I am capable of discerning right from wrong and capable of finding the Truth. I have that within Me as My Very Nature. I trust It and It always shows me aright and leads me to the answers. Even if those answers appear to come from "out there" I know for My Self it they are correct and work for me or not.

I am the Only one I can Trust for right answers. and I always come through for me.
You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.

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