Death...any less than life? Think not.

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anna coffer
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Death...any less than life? Think not.

Post by anna coffer » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:29 am

I read on a post that one of the members
was exasperated wondering if life is possible
after our existence here.

I spend 7 days & 7 nights in the spirit
realm with giants in power of word, yes deeds
likewise and told afterward I was being
placed back on the planet.

In an age of if, and and but...
it's truth that gets addressed last.

I mean truth as in impossible to
believe but here anywho.

Who can answer 'Yes'? For as soon
it is it must become wrong or 'be'...otherwise
wisdom mutes itself.

For instance we love Tolle, for his ability
suffice a soul in want of what's needed most.

If not truth for the masses supplied than
a wobbler is just us in question at best.

"Hold it! That makes no sense!" mentioned
a mind intolerable, inflexible and thinking
as might happens on a day of One yet 2.

For Tolle carried a message as needed.

For who? Us, a soul in need of a 'lighter'

Burdens put upon a soul
love and loveless true.
Are we without love?
Whella! For teaching of Tolle's grew.
Any disclosure from the Unknown in essence is new.

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Re: Death...any less than life? Think not.

Post by rideforever » Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:28 pm

Less or More ?
...The conditioning's still sore
Relax your jaw
...Or you'll never soar

Opposites attract
...The mind for more
It's devious pact
...Starting to bore

The well is deep
...Dive in and eat
The darkness is meat
...Or end in sleep
I was proud, and I demanded the finest teacher
.. .. and when he appeared
.. .. .. .. I was so small

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