EGO - friend or foe?

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EGO - friend or foe?

Post by jimmyrich » Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:24 pm

I see in these forums a tendency to blame everything that's not right on the EGO and it seems to me that many ppl have misunderstood ET's "ego" teachings and have made the ego a scapegoat and a horrible ENEMY. To me, this is a recipe for permanent failure so long as we can excuse all of our actions and behaviors as the consequence of being run by our nasty, rotten, mean, evil, etc. EGO or EGOS!
I'd like to offer a teaching about our ego/selves that does not blame or USE the ego as an excuse or scapegoat for our behavior but shows us that our egos/selves are actually FRIENDS who simply want to be understood and ACCEPTED or EMBRACED - not "dissolved, killed, shunned, ignored, defeated, or made into convenient scapegoats to excuse our behaviors. This link to: What Are The Selves? ... Selves.htm
takes you to a web page that pretty much sums up this very different view of our Selves and their purpose or value for us and briefly explains how to honor and work with our Selves instead of fight with and dissolve them.
From the article: "As we work with selves, most of them tend to become more of an asset than a liability. Each self – as we often say – has a good side and a problematical side."

Our Selves are significant and important in this concept and there is something they call the Aware Ego which is similar to Consciousness, Awareness, Christ or The Self in Advaita but explained in psychological terms rather than mystical/religious terms. For me, learning about my: Critic, Pusher, Controller, Pleaser, Romantic, Perfectionist, Inner Child, Loving Parent, Satan, Savior and other Selves/Egos and working with them as Friends instead of Enemies has been a rewarding and enlightening experience and has allowed me to STOP using my egos as excuses and scapegoats for my behaviors. As the author puts it, when I recognize that my Inner Critic [see: ... end-or-foe] is on a rampage, I can step aside and observe it, find out what it's trying to say or do FOR ME and realize that I am the Aware Ego who is now observing, dialoguing with and IN CHARGE OF my Inner Critic, much like ET's "observation" method but without the tendency to criticize, condemn, fear, hate, dissolve, or resist that Self/Ego as a scapegoat or my enemy. In this very different approach to working with and understanding our EGO(S), there is no recommendation to see the ego/self as a dominating figure driving and motivating all of our bad behaviors the way religion uses the Devil, evil Spirits and others use the Ego to blame for everything and anything that goes wrong. Try it.......... jim :)

P.S. Here's some more on the Selves:
and this link may be the best of all: ... CouGvy8w-d_

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