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Avoidance Behaviour - What is going on?

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:17 am
by ashley72
I've been silently observing my thoughts ever since I picked up the book... "Mindfulness in Plain English" some 4 years ago.

But what I've found over the years is observing thoughts alone, won't help you overcome avoidance behaviours. Its a good starting point, but unfortunately this kind of introspection is missing an important ingredient.

The Missing Ingredient

To overcome avoidance behaviours, you need to embrace and accept any unpleasant sensations that may arise when confronting something you wish to avoid. At first this may seem difficult because protective thoughts will bombard you, the most enticing protective thought will be ones like... "leave now and you won't have to keep experiencing these unpleasant sensations any more". If you embrace this thought and exit the scene... you've just conditioned yourself to this behaviour in future exposures of this nature.

What's worse is avoidance behaviour is a progressive disorder, which tends to grow into all aspects of you life if left untreated. Often the avoidance is worse than actually facing your unpleasant sensations.

Re: Avoidance Behaviour - What is going on?

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:23 am
by itisallsubjective
Yes I see what you are saying.
I think if you find out why deep down you want to avoid something then usually you will find fear at the root.
The best way to get rid of fear is to have the courage and face it. When faced front-on the fear will dissipate in my experience. It may then to lead to another fear you need to face ;-)
Easier said than done but do-able if you really really want too...