Hanging up your books?

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Re: Hanging up your books?

Post by rachMiel » Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:44 pm

runstrails wrote:Thanks, rM. Trail running is humbling indeed.
I wanted to add, that I've lost interest in fiction altogether. All those stories!!! who needs 'em?!
:-) Congratulations! :-)

Me, I still love stories: movies, tv, novels, mind ... bring / them / on !

But, I'm getting better and better at knowing at a gut level that stories are ... just ... stories.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ...

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Re: Hanging up your books?

Post by karmarider » Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:27 pm

rachMiel wrote:
karmarider wrote:In my view, experience is the thing. There isn't much I need to know, only to remember, and I already remember. The only thing I know with an inexpressible certainty is that there is a sense of existence. I know who I am.
Do you ever still reach for a book (online text, video, etc.) to research something, clarify a fine point, get inspired? Or is life/experience your guide, all you need?
Oh, I do all the time. The pursuit and contemplation and knowing of knowledge is fun and interesting. It's part of the human experience.

I feel my mind has settled and clarified to a point where I now find the process (and life) quite enjoyable and creative; whereas previously it had felt it urgent and compelled and frantic and confusing. The critical part of the change were the understanding that the basic problem is fear (and its effects) and Sherman's technique (similar to Ramana and Nisargadatta). I lost all interest in spirituality.

And yet I do pick up books and knowledge and visit this forum and write, all of which gives me a deeper meaning fo the human experience.

For example, recently I've been very interested in the Conversations with God. It's very practical; much of what I have learned from that work I have been able to confirm in actual experience, and it makes experience that much richer. And all the knowledge in that work would be sterile without the actual experience of it.

One way to say this is to say that it's one thing to know who you are; and a much richer thing to experience who you are within the context of who you are not. My view is that this is the entire purpose of the human form. To experience who you are.

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Re: Hanging up your books?

Post by smiileyjen101 » Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:20 am

Love the way you express that calm man, and RT :D
Do you ever still reach for a book (online text, video, etc.) to research something, clarify a fine point, get inspired? Or is life/experience your guide, all you need?
It's kinda funny Rach, it's not dodododo, but the books, the queries, the 'experiential' answers, the relating, the clarifying the fine points, the researching 'within' a thing, the inspirations, or the resonating guiding... tend to 'find us', reach into us, ... in experience, if we are willing to allow them to.

I've had books literally fall off shelves at my feet, some even open on the page that hold the 'answer' to a query I didn't even know I had yet until I saw the answer :lol: Or watching a movie or documentary and becoming aware by suspending my own sense of time, place, experience, perspective, or really hearing/feeling/sensing a thing in something either unfolding or that someone has said that provides another 'stitch' in the tapestry of life unfolding.

Full bodied experiencing doesn't shut anything out, it also tends to provide 'learning' and growth and unfolding without seeking and without trying.

Like we learn that the logical brain is a wonderful servant and the intuitive mind a gift, we also realise that books and 'ways' and 'signposts' are wonderful tools, and the experience of them the full-bodied expression of them.

What's for you won't go by you.... one way or another it will find you.
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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