Ego vs Healthy Human Drives

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Ego vs Healthy Human Drives

Postby NateDeezy » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:16 pm

I have a question that I'm struggling with that I hope someone can clear up.

What is the difference between Ego and natural human drives? For example: your mind and body telling you that you are hungry and should eat food, and your mind and body telling you that you should react to what that person said to you?

Because it seems as though there is a story of ME involved in both, one is a bit more obvious, but the story of the human needing food is still a story of a human needing to eat to survive.

And this is what I struggle with. Because in not giving in to the impulse of your body/mind in the instance of it telling you to feed it, it can lead to suffering (aka your body's impulse is helping you if you give in to it). And in not listening to the other impulse of your body/mind telling you to react to an individual lashing out at you in anger, it can lead to further awakening and bliss (aka your body's impulse would have hurt you if you had given in to it). Can someone help clarify this?
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