The latest Amygdala Research - What you need to know

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The latest Amygdala Research - What you need to know

Post by ashley72 » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:29 am

The Size and Connectivity of the Amygdala Predicts Anxiety

In a study released on November 20, 2013 researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have found that measuring the size and connectivity of the amygdala—a part of the brain associated with processing emotion—can predict the degree of anxiety a young child is experiencing in daily life.

Prolonged stress and anxiety during childhood increase the risk of someone developing anxiety disorders and depression later in life. In the breakthrough study, the researchers at Stanford found that the larger the amygdala—and the stronger its connections with other regions of the brain responsible for perception and the regulation of emotion—the greater the amount of anxiety a child was experiencing. This study was published online in Biological Psychiatry.

Link - ... ts-anxiety

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