ET miracle or active work? Wondering

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ET miracle or active work? Wondering

Post by Aaliyah » Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:36 pm

I was wondering a lot...
ET talks about his depression and tells that he did not wanted to live like this with him anymore. Then he is having this experience that suddenly something is happening and he´s mind is free the next day. He could not explain it. Now a lot of people are reading his books and giving positive comments on it.
My question is:
He was somehow blessed, to have this experience, but what did he do to have this beautiful experience? I just read that he had depressions, but nothing about what he has done actively. Has he worked on it to become to that position where he is at right now or was it a blessing or a miracle? He never says anything about it. Yes he has written books, but not saying a single word that he has done all that to get there where he is now.

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Re: ET miracle or active work? Wondering

Post by coriolis » Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:17 pm

I believe the "point" is to notice that what one already is is as fully sufficient as anything that one might apparently "become" by "doing something".

The search is over when you stop seeking and notice what is already here.

That is ground zero.

From there whatever vibrations there are to go outward will -- or you may, in the newly noticed "inner" stillness, just enjoy the unfathomable silence you have always been. :wink:
Look deeply inside yourself and try to find yourself.
The ensuing failure is the true finding
---- Wu Hsin

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