Strangling Yourself with Your Own Arm.

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Strangling Yourself with Your Own Arm.

Post by ashley72 » Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:18 am


Everybody has built in "proprioception" that allows us to know our own body. Think of it as a built in body-map.

If someone was to start strangling us, we would automatically know it wasn't us doing the strangling.

But what about thought? Does it have self proprioception. Can I know if my own thoughts/beliefs are strangling myself?

When I used to suffer from panic attacks it felt like I lost "proprioception" of body & mind in some way. I started to "fear" the "fear" itself in a positive feedback loop. It was like I was choking myself with my own arm.

Have you heard about the self-fulfilling prophecy?

It's whereby "belief" acts on "behavior" and then "behavior" acts back on "belief" in a positive feedback loop.

Example: these physical sensations of "fear" (behavior) are something to be "feared" (belief)... Causing a positive feedback.

"Exposure therapy" can cure panic disorder. In other words, you expose yourself to the panic (unpleasant sensations) and stop treating it as dangerous but rather as discomfort. This breaks the positive feedback cycle. It's a kind of "suspension of belief".

How does the suspension of "belief" relate to proprioception of "thought"?

Hint: Does "belief" lack proprioception of thought? Or does it have something to do with triggering a different region of the brain (sub-cortical part) which may lack proprioception of thought?

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