Pain Body, while present moment

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Pain Body, while present moment

Post by HeartVsEgo » Sat May 31, 2014 2:53 pm

Dear friends, sorry for my english

Im desperated because i have a missunderstanding of This point with disolving the pain body.

Its so intensive some feeling and the mind keep create new ones. I Always try to dissolve them insteat of let them stuck in me. But when im outside with ppl, i lose the present moment while i try to explore these underlying or old feelings, which blcocking my deep breath.

I noticed when i consum hashisch and doing nothing anymore, the present moment shows me exactly what is the most important thing now and what is have to explore.
So my question is, do have just stay in the present moment, doing nothing and take everything like it is, then the thing with dissolving emotions is unnecessary, isnt it ?

Im really confused, there also many methods like silence, inner body feeling,asking who is the observer of everything, but ssometimes "the third eye" is the most effective mehtode, do you beliefe in this eye and its power, or am i just imagining it ?

THanks a lot, love you all

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Re: Pain Body, while present moment

Post by Webwanderer » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:29 pm

Here's what I find effective. Inclusion rather than exclusion. We grow by including more into our beingness. Exclusion only creates resistance and a sense of contraction. Pain bodies are just the collected resistance to what is, and to what we fear, that has accumulated in our lives to date.

First, is to understand that neutralizing the pain in the pain body can be accomplished by seeing the resistance to whatever concerns us in a more inclusive light. The pain we feel is linked to the way we perceive an event, the meaning we give it, and the resistance we feel toward it, rather than the event itself.

Rather than seeing a painful memory as wrong, or stupid, or sinful (or whatever), assign a new meaning to it such as educational, life changing, or insightful, and honor it inclusively as a valuable contribution to your maturity as a being. You can see it differently, in a way that works for you, if you really choose to do so.

Then, let it go and focus on life from a point of increased strength, knowing that you are better for learning a life lesson rather than from resisting one no matter how painful it was. Experiment with this and note the feeling of strength over fear. And should the old, painful way of seeing it return, make the choice again to see it it a way the works for you. You are the one who decides - unconsciously through conditioning, or intentionally through understanding and choice.

Everyone has issues to overcome. It's just not recognizing the content of the pain body, it's transforming it into an advantage in life perspective over allowing it to limit us do to fear.


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