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Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:42 pm
by Enlightened2B
I think you make some good points Mystic as far as what the term "real" means. I think there are infinite layers of reality ultimately and each layer (which I see as frequency) appears more real than the one below (lower frequency). However, I don't agree with your notion of graduation. I've really not resonated with the "Earth is a training school" philosophy by some in the new age sector. It's very cold first of all and I think it's laced with human interpretation. I've read both of Michael Newton's big two books and while I find some decent amount of insight, I no longer fully resonate with everything he says.

The idea of graduation to me, implies "lack". There is always "more that we have to attain".

There's more than enough fear in our human lives as it is, and I just look within myself and I try to feel into that idea. How does the idea that we are these puny beings that "have to" go through this tough school of "learning" in order to graduate to "higher" levels to "earn a place in God's kingdom" so to speak, make me feel? All of these highlighted terms to me, are human ideas of competition and once again make us feel "lack"....even though abundance is always the case, until we believe otherwise, when we try to define or conceptualize reality into our own fear based human interpretations.

Compared with the other perspective, that we are infinite Beings (all part of the same one Being) that choose to come to Earth for a VAST variety of reasons. Some here to help with the ascension of the planet, while others here merely to experience and explore what it is like to simply be a human and to explore certain themes in order to fully appreciate our true nature by embracing the imperfections of humannes within the perfection that we already are..... including pre-planning certain aspects of our lives if we choose. It's all a matter of choice. Some never to come back to Earth again.

What I've learned from higher perspectives that I've encountered of late (through reading certain channeled readings such as Spirit Guide Sparrow and the Michael Teachings and others, and NDE's), is that the soul and spirit are different. The soul is the one that journeys from life to life to gain experiences, but what we are, is not the soul, but merely Spirit itself. And spirit is One and infinite with Source. So, even though each of us essentially is a unique aspect of that same one Spirit (uniqueness determined by vibration, which we develop from life to life as each life further builds our eternal personalities), we are still ultimately not separate from Source. The soul is merely a vehicle for Spirit to explore through the incarnation process.

Therefore, who is actually graduating? What graduation ultimately means is merely the opportunity to raise our vibration and expand to new portals of consciousness, but even THAT is entirely our choice. We don't have to graduate anywhere. We can stay (when back in spirit) at the vibration we are at if we so choose. It's entirely dependent on our own creative aspirations and what we choose to create going forward. Nor do we have to incarnate into any life to LEARN anything. Incarnation is merely an opportunity for exploration and incarnation happens EVERYWHERE within the multi-verse. Earth is merely one grain of sand in the entire exploration of infinite potential, but offers more to us because of the strict nature of contrast and relating. Through contrast, greater understanding of our nature is able to be actualized and realized through exploring the potentials.

That's just what feels right to me.

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:24 pm
by Mystic
Maybe there is only love and fear. Love is real and fear is the illusion. Fear has many forms. Love is One, fear is legion.
That word "graduation" seems to have fearful connotations. I just wonder why we keep getting recycled back into this physical world of forms.

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:16 pm
by Enlightened2B
Love is not in polarity to fear. Love is all there is.

Light and Darkness are not polarities either. Light is all there is. Darkness is merely a belief in something OTHER than light. When we embrace, feel, express the dark aspects of our own experiences, they only APPEARED as dark, because we were too afraid to face them and love them in place of only "feeling good". But, ultimately, because we chose to incarnate into human lives, we chose to embrace the human experience and the human experience involves ALL of it. So, just by embracing the "loving parts" we are already rejecting other aspects of our experience by claiming it as "darkness". Then, we PERCEIVE darkness, because we start to believe that there is a dualistic polarity of Light and Dark, when ultimately, it's all JUST light, which can be seen when we start to Love every aspect of our experience. You can allow love by surrendering and allowing. That's how you truly raise your vibration.

That's where fear comes in. Fear is NOT an illusion. It is very real. Yet, it's the stigma, that fear has which we perceive as 'darkness" simply because the vibration is lower, where we create labels and ideas about how fear is different than love. But, fear is merely a lower vibration OF Love.

There is no cycle of re-incarnation my friend. It's another luny human belief that we cling to. You totally chose to come here to explore SOMETHING....whatever that may be. Maybe Earth just peaked your interest. Regardless, there is a dangerous fear based notion in new age rhetoric and some eastern teachings of "reincarnation cycles" and "karmic debts". You want my opinion? It's all horse shit stemming from a vast mis-interpretation and mis-understanding of what re-incarnation and karma actually are.

Rest easy tonight

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:18 am
by Mystic
Enlightened2B wrote:Love is not in polarity to fear. Love is all there is.

Fear is NOT an illusion. It is very real.
Theories and theologies will always be uncertain. Practical application that works is the evidence for the truth of any metaphysical idea.

Fear has no basis in reality if ultimately, a spirit-being is invincible. A being that has absolutely no fear would never attack another being because there would be no reason to. Love never attacks. Only the fearful attack others.

Webwanderer posted a thread about the physicist Tom Campbell and his big TOE and it was very interesting. Mr. Campbell mentioned in one of his videos how souls are recycled continually, similar to a process like reducing entropy. Perhaps entropy and fear are both related concepts having to do with uncertainty.


Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:47 pm
by Enlightened2B
Again, in theory, and from a given perspective, I would not disagree.

However, it's all about context as invincibility might very well be our nature....aka....perfection. Yet, we come for the human experience just for that.....the experience of being human.

The human experience offers so much value for us as eternal beings because of the dualistic polarities of contrast available inherently within this experience such as.....fear. So, ultimately, the human experience is the play of perfection (invincibility) within the confines of IMperfection.

Fear, therefore is an inherent quality of the human experience and not one to be shunned or one that can be completely done away with, but one merely to be lovingly embraced and accepted.

There are multiple ways to look at our experience. We can see fearful people as a problem that need to be "transcended"....OR.....we could understand that these fearful people attacking each other are merely caught up in the game of mind and it's perfectly ok because :D To experience humanness, whether we wake up or not. It's ALL OK. Because we're all going back "home" after this life anyway.

It's not a polarity with Love still. Love was always there and IS always only becomes blocked by the identification with mind. Yet, there's even more to it than that. Non-dual realization as I've stated elsewhere is very limited and Bentihno Massaro talks a lot about this in his lectures as I've been listening to him a bit more lately although not overly crazed with his teachings. There are so many fractals to reality that our own awakening or Self Realization of Oneness is merely a smidgen of the true Oneness of reality. We are perceiving as the finger on a hand and, when in reality, the hand itself (higher self) has the much larger view and even expanded consciousness beyond that, there is fractals greater such as the whole 'body" and even greater beyond that. So, we can't even imagine what total Oneness truly is from our human bodies alone as what we can comprehend alone in our direct experience is limited. Yet, what we CAN do is wake up out of thinking mind.

I haven't watched the video yet you reference and I plan to, but I'm sure there is a certain context within what Campbell is referencing.

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:54 am
by Mystic
Psychological entropy ...very interesting... :D ... t=abstract
Psychological entropy: a framework for understanding uncertainty-related anxiety.
Hirsh JB1, Mar RA, Peterson JB.


Entropy, a concept derived from thermodynamics and information theory, describes the amount of uncertainty and disorder within a system. Self-organizing systems engage in a continual dialogue with the environment and must adapt themselves to changing circumstances to keep internal entropy at a manageable level. We propose the entropy model of uncertainty (EMU), an integrative theoretical framework that applies the idea of entropy to the human information system to understand uncertainty-related anxiety. Four major tenets of EMU are proposed: (a) Uncertainty poses a critical adaptive challenge for any organism, so individuals are motivated to keep it at a manageable level; (b) uncertainty emerges as a function of the conflict between competing perceptual and behavioral affordances; (c) adopting clear goals and belief structures helps to constrain the experience of uncertainty by reducing the spread of competing affordances; and (d) uncertainty is experienced subjectively as anxiety and is associated with activity in the anterior cingulate cortex and with heightened noradrenaline release. By placing the discussion of uncertainty management, a fundamental biological necessity, within the framework of information theory and self-organizing systems, our model helps to situate key psychological processes within a broader physical, conceptual, and evolutionary context. ... tainty.pdf

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:14 am
by Mystic
Enlightened2B wrote:
I haven't watched the video yet you reference and I plan to, but I'm sure there is a certain context within what Campbell is referencing.
Here are a couple of interesting videos :D

The Evolution of Humanity


Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 7:05 pm
by Enlightened2B
Thanks Mystic....just watched the re-incarnation video. I appreciate Tom Campbell's work and he's clearly one of the more "frontier" scientists when it comes to understanding consciousness. However, I think his interpretation here is too scientific and too "human" based.

There are higher sources such as Bashar, Spirit Guide Sparrow, NDE's, Michael Teachings which have a better "grasp" at what reincarnation is. Campbell makes some good points for sure, such as his notion that we take the state of consciousness (vibrational state) with us into each life, but like any other interpretation, trying to analytically understand it often ends up with human ideas getting mixed in.

Here are a couple of sources which I resonate with MUCH more so with when it comes to reincarnation. First one is Spirit Guide Sparrow and the second one is a video from Bashar. I've gotten a lot out of Bashar's teachings lately. I'm not big on channels at all. There is a lot of really poor information from channels the more I find, yet Bashar clearly is the real deal.

There's a VAST mis understanding of what past lives are I've come to find recently, when past lives are not at all, what they actually are as we believe them to be. It all stems from human thinking. ... carnation/

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:44 am
by Mystic
Enlightened2B wrote: There's a VAST mis understanding of what past lives are I've come to find recently, when past lives are not at all, what they actually are as we believe them to be. It all stems from human thinking.
I will check out the links you provided Enlightened2B, thank you too :D

I always suspected that reincarnation is not a linear process per se but rather it is more like "co-incarnation" and could be non-linear. This objective physical reality is more like a mutually shared dream of many minds, all connected in a vast network of collective consciousness. It has a certain stability in its limitations. Tom Campbell calls it a virtual reality. All concepts we use to describe reality are more like metaphors but the true reality is non-conceptual. In his books, Robert Monroe describes different phases of the out of body experience. There is the classic OOBE with a second body that is attatched to the physical by a cord. Then there is something like a point of consciousness with no need for a second body. Another phase that I have also experienced is like being a sphere or field of awareness outside my body with no form. I call this a non-local awareness that can go to any place or time in the multiuniverse or omniverse instantly, including alternate realities and alternate illusions.

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:12 am
by Enlightened2B
I was very caught up with past lives and such and I even went for a past life regression in September with a Michael Newton trained therapist. I had some interesting glimpses of a past life for sure, but not a whole lot. Over the last couple of months, my views have changed a lot. Re-incarnation is undoubtedly the case in my opinion, from what I've encountered and I'm not debating that.

However, the difference is what we interpret as "re-incarnation". Bashar has given me a lot of insight into this of late. Teal Swan has as well. Spirit Guide Sparrow only confirms what both of these sources say and it really makes sense to me. If we consider that past/present/future are all only happening NOW, then ultimately the term past life is a misnomer in the first place, since all lives, are essentially being lived NOW as parallel realities as Bashar calls it including future lives and that we are essentially incarnating into other lives NOW.

In addition, everything is based on vibration. If we consider that each of us has a unique vibration/signature when we enter into this life which matches the vibration of others as well (Soul groups, which are based on vibration), then ultimately, the lives we believe are OUR past lives, are merely lives lived by ANY other being of the same vibration and not necessarily OURS as we are mistakenly taking ownership (which humans do) of previous/other lives, when those lives can essentially be ANY other beings lives. Ultimately, everything is One. So, any live we DO encounter IS our past/present/future life anyway.

I love Robert Monroe and William Buhlman's work, but I think some of their stuff is still based on more "human" interpretations.

Because of so much contradictory new age material available, I've been learning to weed through a lot of it, and utilize resources which feel more right to me on a deeper level when it comes to stuff like re-incarnation, karma, past lives, pre-birth planning.

So, I would probably advise the same to any other person out there.

This was a very interesting piece from Teal Swan. I don't resonate with everything she says, but she has some good insight I find. ... life-karma

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:17 am
by Mystic
Space is a perception of separation between different objects.

Is Space as We Know It a Kind of Illusion?
Or maybe a better way of putting it, it’s a construction that those particles or those coins, the metaphor, are rooted in a layer of reality where the distance doesn’t seem to exist. They’re juxtaposed even though they look like they’re far apart. And the distance is real to us. So it’s real at our level of reality but it’s not real to the particles. So the idea is that the concept of space, of distance, all the spatial concepts we deal with in science are emerging from that deeper level. They’re not fundamental in the world. They’re derivative.

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:05 am
by DavidB
Everything is illusion, so to speak, except of course the observer of the illusion, which cannot himself be defined.

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:03 am
by smiileyjen101
Fear has no basis in reality if ultimately, a spirit-being is invincible.
I'd switch that around, a 'spirit-being' does not fear changing, rearranging, what might seem 'permanent' or even temporarily 'solid', including a 'persona' of spirit being.

The illusion is merely of the permanency or solidness of anything. Energy flows and changes form within energetic environments - creation creates in/of/with energy in ever changing densities and combinations within ever changing environments.

We have elements (energetic combinations) common to everything else in the universe. It's just recycling and moving the furniture around :wink:

Relativity is a wonderful reminder - I was reading Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book on creativity (in the flow of creation), and she mentioned meeting a woman who was excited about getting a new tattoo. Given that the woman had 'spiritual' leanings Elizabeth questioned her both about the excitement and her tattoos. The woman replied along the lines that she gets a thrill out of getting them and knows they're not permanent. Elizabeth thought the woman meant that all her tattoos were 'temporary', to which she replied, oh no, they're permanent on the skin, but I know the skin is just temporary.'

I thought that a wonderful play in and with the 'illusions' in awareness.

Re: Is it really an illusion

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:00 am
by maaref
My experience is that yourself and all things for that matter are a mere reflection of the one true consciousness. The only real thing that exists. You and everything else comes from it/is it. That is why in spirituality it is established that all things are illusory, because they only appear in the one true consciousness and without it all that is does not/cannot exist.

Re: Is it really an illusio

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:28 pm
by Benhur
Now is the ever present Reality
Time is psycological -memories and projections- Thats why they are called ilusions.