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Re: The threatening nature of the Collective Ego

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:05 pm
by DavidB
Hi pB,

I use the terms pain body and ego as descriptions, not meant to be taken literally. I don't give blame to ego nor the pain body, because in actuality, both exist only conceptually.

According to Eckhart, and in my own experience, the ego and the pain body and the associated suffering which emerges from a personal identification with an invented sense of self, is an incredible source for transformation. These energies, when perceived for what they are, become the catalyst for change, depending on how we choose to react to them.

Spiritual evolution therefore, is greatly enhanced through suffering, albeit though, while suffering is not always entirely necessary, it can be an effective catalyst for transformation. In effect, pain can help develop depth of character. I can go into greater detail here if required?

Bear in mind, every situation is potentially an opportunity for growth, an expansion of consciousness. In this way, we cannot ever lose.

Re: The threatening nature of the Collective Ego

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:48 am
by painBody
Hi DavidB,

Thanks for your response. However, I'm not understanding how it is related to what I said here. I was simply describing the collective egos I perceive in the world.

Others brought up political groups, I mentioned the ones that are less visible.

Please clarify what you meant in your response. Thanks !

Re: The threatening nature of the Collective Ego

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:54 pm
by DavidB
Hi pB,

I was just trying to point out that what we see as pain and suffering, in all its forms, is there to help us transform, to help us awaken.

You are right though, there are subtler collective influences that do indeed contribute adversely to peoples states of consciousness. Advertising for example, can often be quite insidiously destructive, as well as the main stream media, pushing political agendas. We are often assaulted and barraged from all conceivable directions, which can make life confusing, frustrating and oppressive.

I was trying to make the point, that all of these influences and distractions, when seen for what they are, can be a source for inner transformation, for awakening.

Re: The threatening nature of the Collective Ego

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:53 pm
by jtightlips21
I had an interesting insight into the nature of the Collective Ego from Freud. I think it is fair to say what he called the Superego is the same or very similar as the collective Ego. I think Freud is right in how he describes how the Ego and the Superego are strongly tied together. I find the best comparison of the collective Ego as burdensome medical treatment that is keeping the person alive. However, I think Freud correctly describes that the Superego is in charge of the Ego, and the Ego is accountable to the Superego, but not vice versa. I think of the Superego as a kind of personal judge and tyrant constantly criticizing the Ego, and bullying it into conformity. The Ego I see it as the self interest that seeks out after its own pleasure, desires, and self esteem. Freud best expressed the Superego as the part that is bound to externally imposed standards taught by the group or society one is in.