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Post by Mystic » Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:53 am

I no longer feel serious about anything. Should we be serious? I came to the realization that I am not a body, after several out of body experiences, where it felt like my mind was more like a floating field of awareness moving through different dimensions. I no longer fear death. Seriousness cannot really be shared ...but peace and joy can be shared.

In this video Eckhart Tolle speaks about how enlightenment is not an achievement, that there is nothing we can do to become enlightened because we are already complete in ourselves. All of our intensity that would place enlightenment into the future should be into the now, into the present moment.


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Re: Seriousness?

Post by anotherunits » Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:41 pm

Yes when you see the bigger picture there is really nothing to be serious about.
Enlightenment is just a concept that in reality doesn't exist as we are always changing no matter how 'evolved' we think we are. :-)

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Re: Seriousness?

Post by maaref » Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:34 am

It is true that the lack of seriousness is a good thing to see things as they are. Because we became to use the term "seriousness" to refer to the sense of fear that we feel within in any given situation.

However, you can be serious about your doing things such as work and caring for people around you, if such seriousness does not steam from fear or desire for that matter. Using the mind as a tool to reach goals that fit and support your self intellectually, is in fact required as life cannot continue without doing. Even if you choose not to do anything, that is the doing of nothing. So, choose you doing smartly.

My advise is to use the lack of seriousness you are experiencing as a window to determine "intellectually" what is best for you/others in any given situation. With the lack of selfishness, you would be able to do wonders.

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