Personal account from a "friend" of Eckhart

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Re: Personal account from a "friend" of Eckhart

Post by smiileyjen101 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:18 pm

With 'friends' like that, who needs enemies used to be an old favourite saying. Somewhere along the line in that friendship one has been disappointed by the other. That is, their expectation was unfulfilled. This person is still projecting their expectations onto another. There are factual aspects in it, and opinion in it, and as with all things we are all free to take in what we want to, and let go the rest. It's the same with ET's work, no different.

I did find the didn't live on a park bench information interesting, because years ago here in a topic on Dan Millman's book The Life You Were Born To Live I noted that Dan Millman, also author of The Peaceful Warrior, used an analogy of a man bemoaning his life while sitting on a park bench in a section of his book called The Law of the Present Moment.

It was a very powerful little analogy about bringing attention to the present moment - "For example, Rudolph is sitting on a park bench, in the middle of his midlife crisis. His wife is leaving him; his daughter is getting her PhD in shopping with his last credit card; the bank just sent someone over to nail a Foreclosure Sale sign on is front door; his son needs bail money for driving while drunk in a stolen car. Rudolph's life is a shambles. Or is it? Didn't we begin this little scenario as sat on a park bench? In the moment, just sitting is Rudolph's reality. He may have to deal with other moments and other problems, but right now, he has no problems. He is just sitting on a park bench.
Our body lives in the present moment.
" etc etc
The section, The Law of the Present Moment, for me was pretty much The Power of Now, in a snapshot - in a chapter instead of a book. It made me go and investigate when the two of them were written - and wondering with or without knowledge of each other.
I wrote in that other post, © Dan Millman 1993. My wondering, when was Tolle sitting on a park bench realising this? My copy of PON says © 2004

We all take gems and build on them, I just 'noticed' that for me that section of Millman's book would have been enough to 'get it'.

I don't care about anyone else's wealth, fame, fortune, love life, or ego, it's none of my business.

I'm glad ET shared some of the gems he has, and for many years I borrowed his books from the library, so it didn't cost me a cent. A gem of wisdom can stand on it's own, even if Hitler said it.

That other thread is here - but likely way out of context by now :wink:
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