from thought to observation (transition)

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from thought to observation (transition)

Post by ross » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:40 pm

(Transition, day 10)

Ambient music. No thinking. In the chaotic & noisy world flowing under your feet everything moves grey and repetitive. But from the bubble, you’re creating your own, you don't hear noises anymore. I could be everywhere. Shanghai, New York, London.
My head refuses thoughts of a difficult past.. will my frontal cortex remain unemployed in the future? :)
Sounds reverberate inside my mind like colours of a relaxing landscape.
My pulsing fingers, now motionless now typing sparks of creativity, on the keyboard. When I was a young man I put a white paper on the table to improvise and amaze myself. We are the landscape, we are the music. An apparently not significant action, like stopping observation and love in your life, can makes you loose yourself.
When I was child I used to play with my body like It was an antenna to transmit to the Universe. But I didn’t know anything, It was just natural.
I tune again. The control knob is moving fluid. I look for new stations from whom I can receive and transmit the signal of life.

Bon voyage.

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