Is presence really just self-restraint in disguise ?

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Re: Is presence really just self-restraint in disguise ?

Post by NuanceOfSuchness » Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:13 am

dijmart wrote:
It keeps coming back to that central question, doesn't it: Who/what am I? Some-thing, no-thing, every-thing?
Ha, yes. What am I? To answer your question- all of the above!
Well, since I'm awareness, which is the background/substratum to all the apparent objects. That means all the objects (mithya/illusion), including Jiva (person) and Isvara (god) are created from me, so they are me, awareness. But I, pure awareness, am not them. It's all an illusion, appearing in me, created from me, starring me, with me watching ..hahaha.

So, you're all of it, in one way or another. :wink:
That reminds me of one of the three marks of existence in the Buddhist Doctrine: Anatta. There is no-self. We are made up of various earthly constituents starting with Mother and Father and continuing with food and water which nourishes our growth but still passes through us. You could take this further if you wanted, perhaps right back to when life first began on earth and even further. But then, when you get to emptiness, amidst the emptiness, there is consciousness just kicking around and stuff. Maybe the big bang was the evolving of this consciousness. To use Eckhart''s prelude in A New Earth -
a flowering moment.

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