Communism and The Power of Now

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Communism and The Power of Now

Post by Mal2 » Wed Aug 31, 2005 5:04 am

"Work on the Inner first"

Don't mean to bring politics into this discussion but really this concept applies to everything.

I was watching the Jude Law film "Enemy at the Gate" tonight which deals with a Russian sniper during the second world war and it got me thinking of the ideal of Communism.

Communism was an ideal of everyone being equal but because it came from and was run by the ego mind, Stalin and post war Russia killed more Russians than the Nazis in pursuit of an ideal.

When I came into presence I started to see and understand things like this clearly. In order for true change to happen the "inner" must be primary.

Eckhart's new book "A New Earth" will probably deal a lot with this reality.

As the inner state of more and more people changes worldwide then this will manifest in our outer reality. I can get a feel of how "A New Earth" will be as more and more people touch inner stillness merely by how I feel having touched it myself.

This concept is also true when reading sacred texts like the bible. Unless you come from a state of inner stillness or presence the words will just be more mindstuff for you to digest rather than point you inwards to a greater reality.

Taking sacred texts literally has killed more human beings than Communism and Nazism combined.

Please dont see this as a political discussion, I am just sharing some insights that I have realised.

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