Alziehmer - Part II [ no debates please ]

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Alziehmer - Part II [ no debates please ]

Post by anton » Wed Oct 24, 2007 1:35 am

Sadly, my earlier request on this subject got hijacked totally. So I kindly request again to share any views as to how to help a family whose dad is suffering from mid stages of Alziehmer. Helping from TPON perspective. - Thanks.

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Re: Alziehmer - Part II [ no debates please ]

Post by sparks » Wed Oct 24, 2007 2:28 am

There's a quote by Ram Das that I like very much.

He said that a key part of healing anything is the decision to move forward rather than trying to regain what was lost. As long as the focus is on regaining, you're stuck in the past.

What I would try to do is let the situation dictate where things go. If someone didn't remember my name anymore, I would accept it, or accept my feelings about it, or accept my feelings about accepting my feelings about it...however long it takes, until I could be there with the person without having any demands of how they should interact with me. What more can I do?

I might even say to the person (after suffering/accepting) "ok, this is how things are. what would you like to do from this point onward?" If they're not lucid enough to answer such a question, I would try to interact on the level that they can function at.

The main thing I would try to focus on is not placing my demands on the situation or the person. If they can't remember me, and probably won't remember me the next time they see me, then all we're left with is the present moment interaction. Is it wasted if they don't remember it?

It seems that the only thing we can ever really do is love or reject. Love is when you accept someone/something as they are, give them space to be as they are, or give them the freedom to be as they are. Rejection is restriction or a pulling back when something isn't the way we want.

I believe life is constantly challenging us to love in situations where we thought it would be impossible. Sometimes all that is needed from us is to allow things to be as they are. If they change, great. If they don't, at least love is present rather than the life-choking vibration of rejection.

Hope something in this reply is helpful.

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Re: Alziehmer - Part II [ no debates please ]

Post by eseward » Thu Oct 25, 2007 12:27 am

Beautiful answer IMHO, sparks. :)

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Re: Alziehmer - Part II [ no debates please ]

Post by mikel » Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:08 am

nice post Sparks

I would certainly see a benefit to bringing et's teachings to your friend as regards his Dad it could perhaps prove a little stressful depending on his current state, perhaps your friend can communicate the essence of the teachings by simply being the expression of it when they are together...

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