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Crossword Puzzles

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:30 pm
by carl
Somewhere in the Power of Now, Eckhart writes that no one has an interest in crossword puzzles, that they are just things to distract or keep your mind busy.
I have loved doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku puzzles for many years. I consider myself to be genuinely interested in them.
Not sure at what i am getting at here..... anyone else like crosswords?

Re: Crossword Puzzles

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:11 pm
by kiki
Eckhart writes that no one has an interest in crossword puzzles
Are you sure you got the substance of his point right? Many people are interested in them, and there is nothing wrong with that. His point is that the mind is always looking for something to do, and puzzles of all kinds are a way for mind to keep itself active. In fact, research shows that doing such things keeps the mind "healthy". But the cautionary note is not to identify one's self in mental content or ability. There comes a time when letting the mind be inactive is a good thing, that it doesn't have to be fed constantly.

Re: Crossword Puzzles

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:14 pm
by Onceler
Nice reply, Kiki. I thought his point was that the mind is interested in puzzles and problems, but awareness is not particularily interested. When I am alert and present, awareness seems to be focused on details in the world around me, they become asorbing and complex; that I cannot see when my mind is full of activity and problem-solving.

I do like crossword puzzles too...but less so.

Re: Crossword Puzzles

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:26 pm
by weichen
Crossword puzzle is a practice of both English language (and some real life knowledge). It would be a great simple game for small children, to stimulate their interest in logics and English. In a way, solving a crossword puzzle can prepare for children for doing research in solving real life problem.

When adults play crossword puzzle, it could be a good diversion (sort of the mind is reset, just as a computer is rebooted). Tolle mentioned that he enjoy watching Tennis. Watching tennis is kind of a playing a mind game of gamesmanship (e.g. psychology, strategy, decide when to gamble and when to play safe etc). I don't see much difference beteen playing crossword puzzle and watching Tennis game.

Re: Crossword Puzzles

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:03 pm
by erict
I don't quite agree. It is true that I do a lot of aimless thinking, like most people, but I can still choose to use my mind to get and accomplish things, and I do that all the time.

Just because you can solve a crossword puzzle or build an atom bomb doesn't mean that you use your mind. Just as dogs love to chew bones, the mind loves to get its teeth into problems. That's why it does crossword puzzles and builds atom bombs. You have no interest in either. Let me ask you this: can you be free of your mind whenever you want to? Have you found the "off" button?