Easter, a Win over "death"

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Easter, a Win over "death"

Post by BrahmanEternal » Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:23 pm

Today Jesus resurrected from dead. Its a symbol of mastery over death of any form even the end of our form system what we call death. If you know that what is called as death is just another passing step like you know that stepping stones are a passing toward your home then what is to fear, when you stop fearing fear there is nothing to fear anymore, whats left is peace, a celebration of life, enjoyment of forms as they are without the attachment of fear attached to them.
There is a saying "dont put all of your eggs in one basket" and i think that is what fear of death exactly is, if you know that this life is just one "egg" in a huge basket that has no ends and limits then how do you view a break of that egg we call this life, even total anihilation of it represents nothing, yes nothing really but the mental construction that is based on ignorance, that is based on our courageous attempt to believe that this life is an end of the road, but when i remember Jesus and his courage, his wisdom and the impact he had on all of us , something tells me that i can be absolutely certain as i m certain this message is real, that that the concept of death is a fiction, defeated by the way it should be defeated by knowing the faith , by knowing what can not be known, by being sure in something that you can not be sure of, by being in the moment of life not worrying about something that you shouldnt worry aboutm, by having the spirit of Jesus Christ, so let we celebrate this victory thanx to this man who walked to the cross to show us what life is all about, what the truth is and how we should live and honor our lives.
Marry Easter Everyone!
Free of need to be Free.

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Re: Easter, a Win over "death"

Post by darren » Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:04 pm

Good post, true meaning of easter... :D

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