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Re: meditation

Post by andy » Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:51 am

There are some Buddhist practices that are very simple, such as Zen, where you're just sitting and watching. It's perhaps no practice, and that's the best kind. Sometimes people ask me about vipassana saying, "Oh, when you talk about feeling the inner body, that reminds me of vipassana." Of course, it is the same principle—that is, inhabiting the body. So vipassana is fine until it becomes a technique that has many stages and that takes time to develop. That can be okay for people for a while, but then you have to leave the technique behind. if anybody reading this interview feels a reaction at this moment, that might be a sign that there's an ego identification with their practice, and it's time to let go. [Laughter]
In the bible, there is a passage that says "No one comes to the Father except through the Son". What this means is that relative truths are always needed to realise the absolute. A relative truth can be a practice, a technique, a devotion to your idealistic God etc etc. The relative drops anyway when the absolute has been realised. However, we still need to have a ladder to get to the roof. It is perfectly fine to use the ladder while it is still useful. The ladder will drop of its own accord when it is not needed.

Indeed, there are many yogas for people of different temperaments. For example, this is more along the line of Jnana where one enquires to the truth. Of course other truths like Bhakti i.e devotion and surrender to your God-head is equally valid for reaching the absolute. Japa yoga, where mantra is used is also equally valid. The yogis were wise, they knew that each person is different, and to each there is something suitable discipline of yoga that they could use to reach the absolute.

Try every practice until something clicks with you. Find the practice that best suits your temperament and stick to it. Just because someone had success in something doesn't mean you will (or not)!!

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