Tsunami Consciousness

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Tsunami Consciousness

Post by heidi » Fri Dec 31, 2004 3:51 pm

So, how has the tsunami affected your state of consciousness?

Even the Sun Will Die

Haven't listened to that one yet, but it seems quite fitting.
wonderment on the third wave

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Post by Clare » Sun Jan 02, 2005 12:39 am

Hi Heidi High,


It affected mine like this:
I suddenly understood in a a very acute way how completely out of control I am; that I didnt understand anything at all.

Then I realised once I had let it go, I did understand on a conscious level that was not about reasoning.

It was my dear husband who saw it clear. We were watching the t.v appeal programmes and he said: "You know it's the first time our attention has been taken off that F****** war and instead put upon helping people".

This is about helping people. It's also about people for the first time ever taking personal responsibility away from government for world issues.

At last count England's government donated 25 million pounds(after a measly intitial offer of 15)

The people of England, this tiny place, no bigger than some of your states, last count was £60 million pounds. OUt of pockets, not governments.

No one of those people who donated thought about it. They just have because the now required giving.

There is so much love being generated from this. People are kind of waking up to caring again. I can feel it.

Mother earth had a shakedown, and it's hearbreaking what happens when that happens. All I can say by way of comfort is I have been to some of those areas of the world and the people there are some of hte most enlightened I have ever known: they are full of grace and gentle smiles despite the reality looking --even before the Tsunami --unbearable to my western eyes. Maybe they have been taken to help with the bigger shakedowns that are to come, from the more influential place of higher realms.

It also struck me, and I don't understand this yet, that all the places that were hit were being exploited by westerners -- myself included for being a tourist there.

Anyway, enough said
sacred new year to all

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Post by summer » Sun Jan 02, 2005 1:45 am

I would like to think that the positive side of all the anguish, is that this is a huge Wake Up call for humanity. It is truly heart warming to see people helping in any way that they can, and on such a global scale.
When we focus our energy on being kind and loving, anything is possible.

I know it has been a wake up call for me. To realise how fragile life really is, and how precious. More than ever I want to focus on being present in the moment. And turning down the volume of the chattering mind.

Happy New Year and Peace for all

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