I Don't Understand

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Re: I Don't Understand

Post by snowheight » Sat May 17, 2014 11:20 pm

ashley72 wrote:In the end you need to drop all the books and just experience the stillness of Being. If you don't do that you've really missed the whole point of the spiritual teachings of Tolle. I do this myself with a few different portals depending on the situation, one of the best ways I find.... is to go for a nature walk or run and be as spatially aware of the trees, flowers & wildlife as possible. Don't focus on the forms (objects) but the space around them.... the no-thingness. At the same time you may notice your inner-body connecting with the stillness. The external world acts like a mirror with the internal sensations. Basically this practice is making you aware of something very important... the mind loves to react to forms. By reacting with the no-thingness externally the space around forms, your inner world starts to create space around the thoughts and feelings... this leads to a inner-body feeling of tranquility.

You can also be more spatially aware driving the car, when your stopped at lights or intersection... become conscious of the space around cars and objects as well. Particular if you feel hurried....this can help to de-stress and stop you worrying about being late to your desination.

Another way is to listen to music just before you sleep. Music with flutes, piano, ... new age, classical music. As you listen...try and notice the gaps between the sounds (the no-thingness), again this helps you connect with the no-thingness and again will free up space within. I find you fall to sleep very quickly. The mind calms and thoughts just switch off.

In busy environments. like shopping malls I try and keep rooted with the inner body as often as possible and just be aware of how I'm feeling on occassions. Its by far the hardest situation to stay connected with stillness, because of the large and continous amount of forms and content to interact with. If I notice myself judging situations or things, I just notice and acknowledge that its just a thought and not something which really has much weight in the scheme of things.

Another good practice is to promote conscious eating... I try and stay very conscious whilst eating, taking in all the flavour sensations, smells, textures and bodily feelings. This is very beneficial for also preventing emotional eating and over-eating. I find I'm a lot more satisfied eating this way.
in one deep breath
there you stand
it's not a love you might unhand
of being that is ever free
there's no refund of a finders fee

open up and there you are
ain't no question near nor far
a gentle feeling always there
weightless presence in midair

transparent as the world moves by
stillness suspended in your eye
know the center at your heart
as reference for a term of art

no one vector for the gaze
just stand silent, lift the haze
no matter of a high or low
nothing to hear or say or know
Stop talking. Hear every sound as background. Look straight ahead and focus. Take one deep breath. This is you. This is Now.

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Re: I Don't Understand

Post by ashley72 » Sat May 17, 2014 11:26 pm


Thanks for sharing. Your poetry is very poetic!


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Re: I Don't Understand

Post by Maire » Sun May 18, 2014 1:22 am

Ashley - yes, I'm dropping all books right now - no, wait, I think I'll just hang on to my Oxford English Dictionary and a few science textbooks and an encyclopedia or two..... and maybe something about astrophysics........
I have lived with several zen masters - all of them cats. - Eckhart Tolle

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Re: I Don't Understand

Post by viking55803 » Sun May 18, 2014 4:28 pm

This is a very interesting thread! I first encountered ET when I was in great emotional pain after the sudden, unexpected, and unexplained death of my son in 2009. His death was followed 60 days later by the sudden and unexpected death of my close friend and colleague of 36 years from an undiagnosed heart condition. She was, by all outward appearances in excellent health and incredibly fit, but had an undiagnosed and rare genetic heart condition. A couple of months later, my oldest friend of almost 50 years died from lymphoma, and over the next 6 months I lost 3 of my beloved dogs to age-related disease. I am recounting this history to give you some context as I try to recall my initial reaction to Tolle's teachings.

The one thing I knew with certainty the day after my son died was that I was no longer the same "person" I had been. The "I" had changed, but I was also aware that I had no idea howI'd changed or what that meant. On one level I was now a member of a group called "parents who have lost children." Grief is a painful emotional condition and emotion is primarily physical, not mental. Emotions arise in a very primitive part of the brain, a brain function we share with many animals who have not evolved into the realm of thought. Science has recently began to identify emotions in mammals (primarily) that mirror human emotion in most respects. Thoughts and emotions are connected; thoughts can trigger emotions and emotions can trigger thoughts.

There is a great deal more to this story, but I want to talk about EGO. It is important to remember that we are using words to communicate about "forms" (using ET's language). In other words, we are using forms (words) to talk about forms. To that end, I would like to suggest another definition of ego as a COMPLEX - a creation of the mind that arises from a combination of thoughts and emotions. The ego is shorthand for our normal sense of identity - who we normally think we are, who we tell ourselves and others we are. Eckhart Tolle readily acknowledges the ego and understands that, like belly buttons, we all have one! A core observation of his teaching is that we are NOT our egos, and that it is our ego that is the source of most of our pain. So the ego is a mental-emotional complex. It is not an enemy, but lives within in us almost as a separate small "s" self. The big "S" self is the totality of the form we inhabit, the thing Carl Jung called the Psyche.

The ego emerges as we become self-aware as infants and creates a sense that we are separate entities. Unless we are going to sit in one place and hope someone puts food in our mouths, we apparently need the ego to function in the world. If you begin to think the ego is the enemy, you are falling into the same trap: creating yet another entity that judges the existence of the initial condition. But failing to step back and see that our egos have their own agenda (part of the function of the ego) and responsible for much of the pain and suffering we feel, we are stuck in a kind of dream state. This is because the ego is not "real." It is a "construct" or complex of the human form.

The ego operates completely in what ET call the "horizontal dimension" or psychological time: future and past. Its mode of operation is composed of almost continuous chatter - as the thoughts create feelings and the feeling create thoughts. Conscious awareness exists in the "vertical" dimension - or present moment - it is the awareness that always exists in us and always has. In order to experience that awareness we need to be the observer of our own thoughts and feelings - to step away from our belief that those thoughts and feelings are who we are. Remember, believing something does not make it true, but conscious awareness does not require belief at all - it can be experienced directly in any moment.

Finally, I was not ready to hear ET's teaching in 2009. I entered psychoanalysis with a Jungian analyst for 3 years. Jung appeals to folks like me: older, intellectual (I have been paid to think, basically.) I have what my analyst described as a "strong" ego - meaning resilient and flexible, not inflated. Still, I had achieved virtually every goal I had ever aspired to. Goals are the ego's agenda - there is always another "mountain" to climb - but they NEVER satisfy completely for more than a few days, no matter how lofty the accomplishment.

Eventually, ET's simple directions for practicing conscious awareness made sense. It really takes practice, since our complexes are triggered by external events, people, even places and we are lost in our thoughts. The present moment, the "vertical dimension" is, in fact, the "spiritual" dimension. It is where we find peace and serenity, life itself. Examples of where I find it easy to be present: washing dishes, making art, walking in the woods with my dogs, cycling. Place where it is harder: social situations, meetings, conflict at work, making plans for my retirement from work etc. Yet even in challenging situations, if I can be present my stress and anxiety simply disappear and the thoughts that DO come from being present are creative, joyful, compassionate and, I have to say - very effective!

Enough of my Sunday morning wordiest! Bless all of you.

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Re: I Don't Understand

Post by runstrails » Sun May 18, 2014 9:40 pm

Lovely post, Viking. Thanks for sharing. My persona also tends to be pretty goal driven so I resonate with your post. Sorry for your losses and I'm glad that you've been able to realize your true nature. Stick with it and looking forward to more contributions from you.

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Re: I Don't Understand

Post by EnterZenFromThere » Wed May 21, 2014 4:19 pm

I'd just like to say I really enjoyed reading your post Viking. I think it's wonderful that you're opening up to the Now. I wonder whether this great gift would have been realised without your loses? From your description they seem to have triggered it, which fills me with such a love for those that let go of their form so you could find the source of yours. A wonderful lesson in my eyes - beautiful.


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