4 types of mind reactions/processes

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4 types of mind reactions/processes

Postby weichen » Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:07 pm

There are four different types of mind reaction/processes

1. simple reaction that is well defined and serve a distinct purpose.
e.g. I am on my way out to the bank 10 blocks away, it looks like it may rain, the mind may say "just go back and bring the umbrella with you, it is a small inconvenience, but you won't get caught in the rain. You pick up the umbrella and the mind process come to a close.

2. putting on mental baggage.
e.g. Wanting to be rich and famous when a child grows up and understand what rich and famous is (maybe at the age of 10 ?). Scientist starting a new research project. Edison start to work on the light bulb. Buy and read the book "power of Now".

3. resume/reactivate a type 2. Does this takes up more than 99.99% of a "Normal" adult person's time. (perseverance ? infinite loop ?)

4. putting down mental baggage.
This type of mind reaction can happen when your old goals are accomplished successfully or proven to be unattainable, or you are forced to abandon old goals to open up space for other more compelling goals.

On the night of ET's awakening, he experienced a huge type 4, he lost interest in many worldly goals.

When I practice power of NOW, I watch mainly on type 3. I also CAUGHT a few type 2. This watching and noticing opened up space for type 1 (improved health and things start to go smooth) and type 4 (simple decision and immediate ACTION of letting go). Ironically, I feel better quality of type 2, and 3 will come next.
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