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PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:18 am
by universe
Since a I read The Power of Now and the book A Course in Miracles, my life and the way I see the word has changed a lot. But my husband is so egoic and he doesn´t believe in God. I would like to help him to see the true, but I don´t know how.
I would like to get some suggestions.


PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:48 pm
by July
Universe, hello. I am July. Does it help at all, that the same thing has happened to me? Perhaps in this we are kindred spirits. : ) I do understand your frustration. I have been seeking spiritual awareness since I was 15. I was with a friend, relaxing against a fence, on a drowsy summers day. I decided to get up, to go over and speak with a friend who was standing with another group. I did so, but when I got there, no one seemed able to see or hear me. I walked back, puzzled, to sit down. That was the first time I encountered my physical body apart from myself, for I was standing there, looking at myself sitting against the fence, but I was outside of that physical entity. I have devoted my life to my spirituality. But my husband did not. Often it seems he does not hear the words I speak, or provides reasons different from my own for the things I say. He is trapped in his own schema. He feels himself to be the labels others put on him. Regardless of how I have tried to help, he only pulls tighter into his own beliefs. He does not see the control he let's others have over him. In his defence, it is difficult to accept that the belief you have spent a lifetime building is not your truth. It is like stepping off a cliff into emptiness. Your decision to find yourself was your own. They are trapped in a box of their own making. And you and I, we are not teachers. They will be offended by any attempt to change them, as they will interpret it as our finding fault with them. Was it not a monumental task to find yourself where you are now. There is a lesson in acceptance, that is well worth understanding. I suggest kindness, and in being the light. Be an example, and if your peace and the wisdom you find are intact, perhaps he will follow. But he may not. And that is something you may have to accept. Be yourself. I hope I have been helpful in some way. Bless you, I know you only want to help him. He will only come when he is ready.