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Creating a Membership Name

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 1:23 pm
by kiki
It is strongly advised that you do not use your real first and last name for your board name. Somewhere down the line, for whatever reason, you may regret having your name so publicly available on the internet.

If you post from an employer's computer they may not take kindly to discovering company time being used in such a way. Also, you may be posting information you'd rather be viewed only within the confines of this community, but if it is linked with your real name who knows what someone else would do with it should it be discovered by someone known or unknown to you.

There have been times when posters contact us requesting a name change because of the above reasons. While we try to accommodate such requests they put us in the circumstance of cleaning up all traces of their name when others have used it. That tedious chore is unnecessary if you create a name unique to you but not your actual name.