It Seems LoA and PoN Are Complete Opposites

Manifesting your reality or the Law of Attraction
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Re: It Seems LoA and PoN Are Complete Opposites

Post by Webwanderer » Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:14 pm

beginnersmind wrote:Whoever said that Exxon just showed up one day and what does that have to do with the context of the conversation if this is a result of LOA or not? And again you're veering off here. Why not just answer the question. I'll even re paste it here.

1. Have the people of the Amazon river brought about poisonings in their river to where adults and children are getting sick due to LOA or is it because Exxon Mobil came into the area, created a poor infrastructure to exploit the oil, thus releasing millions of gallons of oil into the river, thus poisoning it?
I'll answer the question more directly when you can give enough detail to do so. (We both know you cannot, therefore the question is unanswerable at its specified root.) What were the people in this region thinking? What did they believe? What were their fears and concerns? What was the nature of their conscious vibration? Be specific, because LoA responds to such specifics. Include also the larger issue of their Soul intent for life exploration. You see it's not just about sickness and health, it's about experience and growth as an eternal being. The same consideration must be applied to all of your enumerated examples.

Consider this metaphor: You are in a swimming pool on a large cruise ship heading for an agreed upon destination with your fellow passengers. While you are in the pool you can cause the water to splash around or calm down based on how you move around in the pool. The ship however, is headed for a destination that you agreed to participate in before you boarded. All the splashing or calming to the pool you can muster will not change the destination. You and all your fellow passengers are headed for the same set of conditions. How you respond individually to those conditions is up to you, and those choices will directly affect your experience.

Life is not about corporations and governments. Those are just part of the framework of conditions one may find him/her self in. Life is about how one responds to such conditions. Some people focus on judgment and blame, others focus on clarity of being. In most cases it's a mixed bag.

This human form is not Utopia. It's Adventure-land, and it's extremely challenging in many, many ways. What happens in this life is fundamentally fuel for growth in all aspects. I'm not suggesting that such conditions be ignored. Dealing with them, including this discussion, is simply more challenging opportunities to engage in.


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Re: It Seems LoA and PoN Are Complete Opposites

Post by beginnersmind » Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:21 pm

WW, this will just be an endless back and forth and will go nowhere. I've said my piece, you've said yours. We both know where we stand.

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Re: It Seems LoA and PoN Are Complete Opposites

Post by Mystic » Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:25 am

Enlightened2B wrote:Whether you believe in channeling or not, this man/alien has some of the most profound understandings of LoA I find.

A VERY short 4 minute video on LoA/manifestation.
This Bashar character is a really crazy guy :mrgreen:

I also like this video where he speaks about vibrational shifting.

Time is actually our consciousness continually shifting(perceptually) through parallel realities.

This reality we observe appears to be relatively stable with its natural laws like gravity and the laws of motion. These physical laws are quite possibly statistical laws that appear to be stable at a macro level but become more unpredictable at microscopic scales and below.

We can vibrationally shift and jump to realities with a slightly different past ...strange but true...

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