Manifesting your reality or the Law of Attraction
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Re: Desire/Expansion/Joy/Creativity

Post by Enlightened2B » Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:58 pm

Fore wrote:Whether it is seen as a beautiful creation in alignment with joy or not it must be seen as impermanent by nature, it arises to pass away, no aelf, no control, just masses of sub atomic particles arising and passing very quickly.
I see this is a starting point (and a great starting point) to a far more expansive path that has the potential to be explored if we choose to open ourselves up to it. And if not? That's 100 percent fine too. Remember, whatever path you choose to explore, you are still creating. There is no right and wrong within the infinite mind of imagination. The only right and wrong is the limited beliefs we place upon this empty canvas of life that THIS path is more right than THIS path. Everything ultimately just IS. And it is US ourselves, who provide the meanings as to what should or should not be.

And if one does choose to explore further, they can start to see that the process of letting go and surrender and allowance and observation goes hand in hand with creation and, is the first step towards understanding how to manifest consciously.

I don't personally see us as mere passive observers (although if someone chooses to see it that way, that's perfectly fine as well), and I don't think that's why we are here on any level, but I don't have to impose my own views on to others either, yet, I freely will express my own perspective even if others disagree. I have come to see my own life as a co-creator in this vast canvas of infinite creation and it all started with the process of healing my body. If I hadn't had the experience of contrast of being sick for so long, I never would have explored....not only spirituality, but never would have delved further into the area I am currently exploring.

It all came about from a desire that was sparked from being sick. I realized I no longer was the story running in my mind, but that didn't heal my body.

I finally found my purpose in life from that point forward. That purpose was doing ANYTHING that brought JOY to my life which in turn, altered the nervous system in my body and shifted me out of the fight/flight mode which was so ingrained in my conditioning (look into any brain retraining programs such as DNRS or Gupta Programme as they all operate from the same premise). I realized that being sick was a result of not only resistance, but holding on to tightly held beliefs which were in direct CONTRAST to my true nature. That's where I learned about alignment.

Learning to use my feelings and emotions as guidance tools over the past several months to see whether or not I am in alignment or not with my true nature.....which IS JOY, has been such a different life changing path for me, but it's allowed me to see that while the mental story is not real, there is still this unique aspect of me that is still here that IS clearly creating.

Life isn't about which path you take or where you end up. And maybe merely just waking up and believing it's an illusion and just living from there is what feels right to another person and there's nothing with THAT. And maybe NOT waking up and living life unconsciously is what happens to ANOTHER person and there's nothing wrong with that either. It's just a play if imagination like I keep saying. Life to ME, was important to understand how this entire vibrational based reality worked in order to fully understand how to heal. For me, it is all about finding alignment NOW with who I truly am....and you will know because you will feel JOY and a sense of knowing that this is the right path for NOW.

No choice is wrong ultimately though and no perspective is wrong.

But, actually seeing how my own limited beliefs from childhood, had altered the genetic structure of my body and the cells of my body and the neural pathways (neuroplasticity), allows you to see that you ARE creating your reality even within your own body just by your own beliefs! Bruce Lipton's work and Joe Dispenza's have allowed me to see that life doesn't just HAPPEN on its own....nor does it happen THROUGH us.....but we ARE life itself and through our beliefs, we have the power to truly truly create. Beliefs are not a bad thing contrary to what they are made out to be. They only become a hindrance when they are unconsciously clung un to and we can't see the forest for the trees......

It's remarkable because you are truly witnessing creation at play. Sure, it might all be impermanent, and matter might be totally empty space, but that's the JOY in this remarkable exploration of expression and creativity, to express and create from this non needy place of just pure BEING. And within that place of pure BEING, is the understanding that I am also living a human experience and what has been more remarkable for me than ANYTHING else that I have explored, is learning to love ALL that has been me, including the imperfections of this human experience, the triggers, the conditioning, the illness and dis-ease, and everything in between. This has led me to realize's all.....OK! There is no victim ultimately, because it was me all along who co-created all of my experiences including the ones from childhood that I helped manifest which aided in the contrast I would later need in life to awaken to who I truly was and explore the desire that came from that which has brought me nothing but JOY.

There was only ever ABUNDANCE. There was only ever enlightenment as the natural state of what IS. There was no separate person to become enlightened. LACK was a necessary belief that I needed, and had until it no longer served its purpose as its use of contrast. But, it was the contrast I explore the path I am currently on.

You see my friend, the notion of alignment is often ostracized and lumped together with "pop" teachings like the Secret (I have never read it, so know zero about it), because many of us have never taken the time to actually explore what LoA actually is on a deeper level, and further how WE are the ones responsible for our own realities. Life isn't lived THROUGH us once again. We ARE life itself. That's why we are here......To explore and express OURSELVES (as Source itself) through unique vantage points.
You seem to have some idea of what it means to me to practice this spiritually and there is no way for me to explain this to you.
Nope, not at all. Nor do I claim to. But, I do know there is passion in your life for sure and that's where your drive comes from. I don't need to know anyone personally to know that passion and desire is what drives us. You don't like the word desire because of the connotation it has to you personally and that's fine. And I see no reason to continue to debate over semantics such as this.

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Re: Desire/Expansion/Joy/Creativity

Post by GermanEnlightenment » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:02 pm


Wow, every word that you wrote could be written by me as well. :) Seems like we basically had a similiar journey and can now reap the benefits of aligning more and more with who we really are. I resonated deeply with all that you wrote. :)
"Happiness / Something in my own place / I'm standing naked / Smiling, I feel no disgrace / With who I am/ I´m a lucky man...with fire in my hands"
(The Verve - Lucky Man)

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